Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Upskirts & MILFs: Why You Should Twitter

OK, just to explain the name of this blog straight away:

edkaye Yay! My new feature called comic book upskirt, which discusses stuff in LITG keeps getting hits for google upskirt searches, hahah khuxford @edkaye Note to self: come up with comic book blog title involving MILF; get more hits.

But the best stuff today is the craziness inspired by Warren Ellis reacting to the Christian Bale arrest news:

warrenellis Time was that Ollie Reed would set a camel alight, rape it with a log, eat it and call that breakfast. Now film stars just punch their mums. warrenellis Richard Harris? Walked into a bar, drank it, set it alight and ate all the other customers as they cooked. Christian Bale? Punched his mum. warrenellis Richard Burton? Ate 9 bottles of vodka and made Liz Taylor kick him in the gut until "it was all properly absorbed." On set, between scenes. MattSpringer @warrenellis I heard Peter O'Toole once pissed into a brandy snifter and served it at a dinner party. Higher alcohol content that way. mattfraction @warrenellis peter o'toole kicked his way out of his mother's womb, drank David Niven under the table, then starred in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. mattfraction @cascio one time someone was like,hey hugh grant, bet you can't eat that whole muffin. and do you know what? hugh grant ate almost all of it mattfraction Albert Finney invented off-track betting because he wanted to drink AND lose money. he assaults his mom with a blackjack full of nickels. mattfraction Sir John Gielgud carried a coinpurse made of his mother's bajingo MattSpringer dame judi dench has a massive dick. TheOtherJeff William Holden killed a bear with a sharp stick, just to drink its blood. When his ashes were scattered in the Pacific, all the gulls died. TheOtherJeff The moon used to orbit Mars until a cocaine-addled Tyrone Power decided otherwise.


  1. Twitter has me hooked. I love the exchanges between creators. Listening to their lives through one thought sentences blows my mind. Thanks for leading me to a new way to waste my time and resources. (thats not a complaint ;)

  2. Ha...glad I could contribute to your delinquency. ;)


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