Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Help Meltzer & Ha Save The House That Built Superman

In support of Meltzer's push to raise enough money to save the Cleveland home where Siegel started forming the idea for the character he would go on to create with Shuster, Gene Ha is auctioning off the above drawing on eBay.

He, also, shared the following e-mail correspondence with Brad about the efforts to save the home:

Subject: Gene
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 23:01:17 -0400
From: Brad Meltzer <>
To: <>

Okay, just wanted to talk to you about the official (and still top secret) announcement for saving the house where Superman was created. And with it, we will also announce the creation of The Siegel & Shuster Society, which you are of course a founding member (complete with secret passcodes and exploding briefcases). The plan is to unveil it all to the world on September 2nd (Tuesday). It’s actually an amazing thing that’s happened and is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of. The full auction now reflects a true outpouring from the entire comics community, with over 40 items from top creators, from Stephen Colbert, even from Jerry Siegel. And wait till you see who designed the t-shirts.
What I’d love to do is send you the full list and all the details (and the video) this Sunday or Monday, and then if you could help us spread the word (facebook, myspace, your favorite boards, etc), it’ll kick off on Tuesday with a bang. The real goal is to get people to go to the site we’ve set up...and then do a small thing (like buy a shirt). All the money goes to the preservation and the charity. So cool to send you all the details this weekend? And again, please keep this ALL top secret until then.
It's a worthwhile cause. Check out the auction and bid, if you can. If not, everyone needs another t-shirt...why not have yours support an effort to appreciate the creators of one of the most well known characters in the world?

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