Thursday, December 02, 2010

DC Comics: Exactly How Many Cooks Do They Need?

DC just announced the promotion of Eddie Berganza to Executive Editor.

That's on top of Didio & Lee being co-publishers. And Geoff Johns having his fancy title & Hollywood focus.

If you'll recall, Executive Editor was the position filled by Dan Didio for years when DC didn't have an Editor-in-Chief and only one man (Paul Levitz) as Publisher.

But now they have two men filling the Publisher role, another man in the previously-unfilled EiC role and yet another in the Executive Editor spot (which has not, to my knowledge, existed simultaneously with an EiC previously at the company).

The need for all of these high management positions escapes me at first glance. It seems to be a sign of bloat.

I wrote the proceeding paragraphs at least 24 hours ago. Now I've read (oddly on CBR and NOT on Newsarama) that Mark Chiarello was announced as a new VP at DC...and I think it's absolutely outstanding news, with no negatives to be found. Does that make me (more of) a hypocrite (than usual)?