Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Friend recently turned me on to the Comics on Comics video podcast...and I'm glad he did. Here we have people who, when they try to be funny, aren't operating outside of their wheelhouse.

Top example with Greg Weisman seems to be more of the format they go with now, but I had to include the Geoff Johns one anyway.

Gavok Skewers Loeb's Ultimates...AGAIN!

Over on 4thletter.net, Gavok is taking pages of Ultimates Vol. 3 and lampooning them via relettering. I'm not even reading the book he is making fun of, but I'm still finding it hilarious.

Monday, September 29, 2008

How NOT To Relate To The Public

Steve Wacker on fan reaction to Guggenheim's Spidey/gay marriage comment:

Not to stop the clutching or pearls and the dizzy spells of strained outrage, but is it possible that anyone out there’s getting a little too worked up? Is it possible that Marc just said something screwy and is still a smart guy? I can vouch for him being both, if it matters.

“The argument isn’t valid!” Ha! No kidding!

Guy says something goofy on internet…Film at 11! (To the younger ones out there, back in the 80s we used to watch those network newscasts that are on during the Seinfeld reruns)

Okay, gotta get back to ruining your childhoods! ALL YOUR POGS ARE BELONG TO US!!!!!

Love, Steve.

You know...I can understand some of the nose-thumbing about fan reaction to One More Day/Brand New Day. But trivializing this issue? Ugh.

For what it's worth, I'm sure that Guggenheim is a screwy and smart guy. But that Wacker response can't help make things better...likely only worse...

Was that ACTUALLY Wacker stepping in just to defend a non-sensical statement? Seriously?

Because nothing’s more pathetic than someone making a stupid statement via the internet… unless it’s people wasting their time griping about it… UNLESS someone else actually goes even further to take those statements seriously and deride the people who make them while at the same time defending the original statement that was so stupid in the first place.

If that’s actually Wacker, then screw him, I’ll drop Amazing Spider-Man, which I was just starting to get into, and excited about, especially the upcoming Dematteis, Waid, and Stern issues. Although I seriously doubt that was actually him.

Oh well...

Slott On Mighty Avengers?

So...they hand Mighty Avengers to one of the few people that couldn't keep their Bendis SI info straight?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bendis clearly established that War Machine was supposed to be the only set of armor not completely linked to Stark's networks, making him safe from the Skrulls' virus attack. Yet Slott wrote him as suffering from that same virus in an issue of Avengers: The Initiative?

A guy can't manage to coordinate one book with Bendis, so he gets another he has to coordinate with him? Weird.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paying For Kirkman/Bendis Audio Or Video

Has to be unedited, in one or more files. Better than YouTube quality, thankyouverymuch.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Newman

Paul Leonard Newman 1925-2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drunkduck.com Content: Copyright Theft?

In my advertising, there's this DrunkDuck.com hosted webcomic, Cru the Dwarf. Looking at it, it sure appears that they're just using screen grabs from World of Warcraft.

I'm sure Blizzard is cool about fans using images to make cartoons and all, to some extent...but they are probably less cool about people doing it on a regular basis for profit (as the page linked to is ad-supported).

It should be noted that nowhere on the page linked to is there currently any credit to Blizzard Entertainment. The only copyright line is for Sean F, which only makes the possible offense worse.

Just What Is "The Image Deal"?

Over on his blog, Dwight L. MacPherson made an official statement regarding his pulling his work from the Shadowline over at Image Comics:

"After much deliberation and counsel, I felt it was in the best interest of my creative teams to leave Shadowline and seek to publish my books where they would have maximum exposure and the greatest possibility of financial prosperity. After making three successful books at Shadowline, the creative teams and I have yet to see a penny for our efforts. After being told I would see profits for 'The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo Book 1' within 'one year of publication,' I was later told it would be 'two years.' This was not acceptable to my creative teams, so, with their approval, I decided to part ways with Shadowline. Despite what has been stated by outsiders, having your book in the front of Previews and making 'the sacred Top 300 list' does NOT translate to actual profits. Any suggestion that they do is naivete--or just plain ignorance. I enjoyed my time working with Shadowline, Jim Valentino and Kris Simon and wish them the best in their future endeavors."

In being asked whether the Shadowline deal is the same as the regular Image deal, he responded:

Yes, it's the same as the Image deal. Unfortunately, I can't get into the specifics of the contract, but if all you had to pay was printing cost, it would be a fantastic deal. But that's not the way it is.

My friend, you would be shocked how many Image books don't break even.

Now, it is reasonable that they take more than just the printing costs (and I don't think Dwight was indicating that it wasn't), since they certainly provide some sort of non-advertising service with getting it to the printer, listed in the Image section of Previews and other things, I'm sure.

But I wonder exactly what the Image deal entails?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Completed Sketch Protocol

Over on Hughes-Fans, a link to the above image was shared. The question was asked as to whether Adam had colored the sketch or someone else.

Allison Sohn (artist and Adam Hughes' significant other, I believe) expressed that it wasn't done by Adam and the coloring was done without his knowledge. A member of the list (Scott Forbes) revealed that the coloring was done by "Cakes".

I got the sense that it meant that the coloring of the image might have been seen as breaking some unwritten rule or violating some sort of sketch etiquette. That isn't necessarily the case, but I have seen some peculiar issues that artists have had with how their sketches are treated after they're completed and handed over to the fan.

Anyone have a list of sketch etiquette for after the work is completed? Because I'm lost on that. I figure you pay for it, you could color it with crayons and go outside the lines if you're foolish enough to think it is a good idea.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Real Brian Michael Bendis Twitter

Awhile back, I ran a Twitter of a brianbendis account saying that he was glad to be home instead of at SDCCI and had just finished downloading Sex & The City via bittorrent, with plans to watch it while others toiled at the con.

Turns out it was Brian Reed. Bendis shared this fact during one of the 5+ hours of the most recent Bendis Tapes (if you haven't listened to them, you need to subscribe to John Siuntres' amazing podcast over at Word Balloon).

Now he's created a new account to try to set the record straight.

OK...he's just joining Twitter and having a bit of fun at pointing out Brian Reed's dastardly deed. But still...you should add him ASAP.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Only Time I've Been Intimidated At A Convention

Was it being introduced personally to enough comic book professionals to make your head spin (back when I was doing a bit of work for the great Matt Brady)?


Was it the fear of embarrassment from seeing Dan Didio somewhere at the con after drunkenly telling him twice at the hotel bar that the internet speculation about his job security was asinine (forgetting, in my inebriated state, that I actually took part in it with at least one blog)?


Did it have anything to do with two implied threats of physical violence from two separate professionals at two separate conventions?

No, sir.

Did it involve being uncomfortable with the possibility of bumping into any industry people that might actively dislike me for the initial wave of Secret Invasion spoilers or other events?


Rosario Dawson. Heroes Con 2007. Pictures and autographs.

Did I get in line? Nope.

Did I want to? Yup.

Why didn't I?


What would I say? I would have been reduced to saying, "heh...heh...you suuuuuuuuure are purty!"

It isn't that I don't actually value her work. She's been in a lot of my favorite flicks...and I've forgiven her for being involved in ALEXANDER. But I just wouldn't know how to form a sentence that wasn't just utter gushing.

So I didn't.

And that sucks.

(photo above found at The Beat)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Embrace Change

The Skrulls above? Not members of **** ********. ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mr. Anonymous Spoilers Redacted Pt3

No direct...oh, you know the deal...

Coming out of SI, **** will still be working with the government. He'll be running *****.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Are you anti-cancer? Or are you one of those pro-cancer morons, eh?

Because, if you're anti-cancer and have a computer or PS3 constantly connected to the internet, there is something you could be doing to help win the battle over all those pro-cancer sickos out there.

It's called FOLDING@HOME.

Basically, they connect to millions of computers world wide to run algorithms design to study how proteins in the body fold. Proteins need to fold within the body to do their job, but when they begin to misfire, they are believed to cause diseases and even many forms of cancer.

By donating your idle computer processor time, you help them get that much closer to unlocking the secrets behind diseases Mad Cow, Huntington's, Alzheimer's and others, in addition to cancers. Understanding fully the causes of these plagues is the only way we can ever hope to find a way to beat them.

So I encourage you to download and install Folding@Home on your computer or PS3 (there's a link at the bottom of the Network list in the PS3 user interface, I believe; God bless Sony for this gesture).

If you do start running it, feel free to join the SCHWAPP!!! team (id 126370).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Going Over JLA The Deluxe Edition...

Reading the one issue recruitment/Tomorrow Woman story.

Remember the scene where they are burying Metamorpho and Superman is lamenting that the attendance isn't as large as his funeral. The pastor mentions how no one believes the heroes will stay dead anymore.

First of all, this definitely ties into Grant's continuing that thought with Superman praying for a resurrection at J'Onn's funeral.

Second thing to notice? All of the closest statues are heroes that have since been resurrected. We have Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, Ice, Metamorpho & Barry Allen.

The only heroes that aren't resurrected from that bunch? Johnny Quick, Al Pratt, Charles McNider & Rex Mason Tyler (forgot they kinda brought him back). Well, there is one more behind the pastor, but I can't make out who it is supposed to be.

Dead JSA heroes? Hmmm. Wonder what event we might see them turn up in...

The Voters Have Spoken

With 48% of the vote, fanfic as a criticism of published comic book product is just a way to say "I don't like it".

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help Save The Siegel Home

As previously mentioned, Brad Meltzer & the gang (including Gene Ha) are trying to raise enough money to save the Siegel home (where Superman was more or less born).

You might not be able to afford one of the many great pieces sold in their auctions, but you might be able to afford a shirt:

If you can't afford the shirt, there's always a straight up donation.

Mr. Anonymous Spoilers Redacted Pt2

Again, no direct spoilers.

****** is the leader of the Dark Avengers.

Keep It Simple Spider-Man

Found over on http://muller-fokker.blogspot.com/ (be warned: NSFW)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CSI: Wakanda

Found out there on the worldwide web.

Mr. Anonymous Spoilers Redacted Pt1

As discussed, I'm not going to give direct spoilers.

**** leaves one Avengers group to join the other. Not talking about Dark Avengers.

The Dodsons: Secret Invasion: X-Men

As always, the images shared here can be found in Terry Dodson's Yahoo Group. I encourage all of you that enjoy these images to sign up there and let the Dodsons know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Help Meltzer & Ha Save The House That Built Superman

In support of Meltzer's push to raise enough money to save the Cleveland home where Siegel started forming the idea for the character he would go on to create with Shuster, Gene Ha is auctioning off the above drawing on eBay.

He, also, shared the following e-mail correspondence with Brad about the efforts to save the home:

Subject: Gene
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 23:01:17 -0400
From: Brad Meltzer <bxxxx@xxxxx.net>
To: <gene@xxxxxx.com>

Okay, just wanted to talk to you about the official (and still top secret) announcement for saving the house where Superman was created. And with it, we will also announce the creation of The Siegel & Shuster Society, which you are of course a founding member (complete with secret passcodes and exploding briefcases). The plan is to unveil it all to the world on September 2nd (Tuesday). It’s actually an amazing thing that’s happened and is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of. The full auction now reflects a true outpouring from the entire comics community, with over 40 items from top creators, from Stephen Colbert, even from Jerry Siegel. And wait till you see who designed the t-shirts.
What I’d love to do is send you the full list and all the details (and the video) this Sunday or Monday, and then if you could help us spread the word (facebook, myspace, your favorite boards, etc), it’ll kick off on Tuesday with a bang. The real goal is to get people to go to the site we’ve set up...and then do a small thing (like buy a shirt). All the money goes to the preservation and the charity. So cool to send you all the details this weekend? And again, please keep this ALL top secret until then.
It's a worthwhile cause. Check out the auction and bid, if you can. If not, everyone needs another t-shirt...why not have yours support an effort to appreciate the creators of one of the most well known characters in the world?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FBB Has The F*cking ASB&RTBW Salty Language!

Not going to post even one piece of the art, because you should all be going over there to see it!

For Those Waiting For Mr. Anonymous Info...

I had a crisis of conscience about revealing the new spoilers that I had been given. I had decided to hold off on direct spoilers, but it became moot because Mr. Anonymous had asked me to hold off on revealing them until he was ready and fairly certain there was no chance at things getting changed last second.

One of those things came out at the Retailer Summit today.


Our boy had this nugget and at least one more. That other one? I promised someone that I would only go so far as to run it with asterisks if my source gave me the go ahead to run it. But I can't control whether Mr. Anonymous goes to another source to have this info shared directly with the world.

Mr. A is still out there. I know be cause he popped by to link me to the retailer summit report on the 'Rama. So, if you're reading this, I can possibly tease that other spoiler for you, but not outright reveal it to teh interwebz. Which way you go on that, sir, is your choice...and I'll respect that choice whatever it may be. Do feel free to hit me with an IM every now and then to BS, regardless.

Oh...and to any of the Bendis Board posters who read the first batch way back and then ran to bash me over on 606studios.com, do tell Mr. Bendis that I apologize for any frustration that first batch caused him and hope that having held off on Dark Reign all this time demonstrates the sincerity of that apology.

So I've been listening the the Bendis Tapes...sue me.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Final Crisis: Good Story/Bad Event?

Over on Newsarama, I read the latest Grant Morrison interview regarding Final Crisis. The interview itself was great. The spirit of it was a lot better than the interview for issue 1 or 2. Much less of that "f*ck 'em if they don't understand" feeling from Grant.

The comments section is, however, quite ridiculous.

One Newsarama regular who is NEVER ridiculous is Vinnie Bartilucci. Just so we're clear: I don't think he's being ridiculous here, despite my not quite agreeing with his point.

"In most comic books, especially good ones, readers don't have to look up things in wikipedia. Nor should they have to."

Philip Jose Farmer's "Wold Newton" family tree is one of the most self-referential, over-complicated piece of fanwank ever written. It drags more things into a single continuity than anyone has ever tried before. Geoff Johns is dirt under PJF's feet when it comes to continuity revamps.

It is also wonderful.

There is nothing new about trying to do a lot in one story, and running the risk of leaving a few readers in the dust as the price of really making a lot of hardcore fans happy.


My response:


"There is nothing new about trying to do a lot in one story, and running the risk of leaving a few readers in the dust as the price of really making a lot of hardcore fans happy."

New? No. Wrong? Yes. And let's just remember how few of the hardcores out there are actually big Fourth World fans. Did some of us forget how many attempts to have a successful ongoing in that corner of the DCU have crashed and burned?

Events are supposed to have mass appeal. The wider audience isn't wrong for expecting something that helps bring them in, rather than shut them out.

I contend that this is a bad event, not necessarily a bad story. I think fan reaction would be entirely different if DC had Morrison and Jones do this as their own Kingdom Come, rather than their Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Any thoughts?

Assuring No 0-For-Monday

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Or "Reflections on Crappy Fantasy Football Predictions"

Let's review my earlier picks for today.

QB: Tony Romo
OK, he wound up being the 5th best performer at the position today. Wait...7th. Peyton finished above him, but I have no idea who adjusted up higher just now. Maybe Phillip Rivers.

Hold on...no...he tied for 6th. Peyton and Tony have the same ESPN score. Out of the finisher above him, only Brees and possibly McNabb could have honestly been projected to have such games. McNabb, though, had his top 2 WRs out, so that's a hard to guess would add up to being the league leader.

RB1 & RB2: Brian Westbrook & Marion Barber
Westbrook checks in at 5th with Barber tying for 3rd with Reggie Bush. Of course, Bush did his damage as a receiver. I stand by the idea that it'd be crazy to project Michael Turner or Willie Parker, for that matter, to be the top two RBs in the first week. This will play havoc with people's starting rosters next week.

17th...and that was just amongst running backs. I believe he came in 28th amongst all RB/WR options, though. Figure you knock out the top four (because they'd be in your regular RB and WR spots), that still leaves him no better than 24th. Ugh. I put him in more because I really couldn't pick against him than because I thought he'd do well. I'll remember that next time...and just be embarrassed by him dominating that week.

WR1 & WR2: Terrell Owens & Braylon Edwards
Ugh. While Owens came in 4th nicely, the Cleveland offense never got on track. In fact, Edwards finished somewhere lower than 50th amongst WRs. My poo-poo-ing on Moss? He somehow still managed to come in 2nd despite Tom Brady's early/ugly exit. Mind you, he did almost all of that in the first half, with a goodly portion from Brady's arm.

TE: Kellen Winslow
Tied for 5th. I'm kicking myself for switching in McMichael (who still made the top 10) for Anthony Fasano in a few leagues. As a former Golden Domer, I always had an eye on him, heard he was clicking with Pennington and new that there was a shortage of good targets in Miami...but I'd never have expected 14 points.

No one would have predicted the TEs that came in above Winslow. Gates did tie Winslow, however.

D/ST: Vikings
Jury is still out. We'll update this one Monday night.

K: Josh Scobee
If the sucker didn't miss a shorter than 39yd long FG, he might have finished in a respectable spot. But no...he just HAD to miss that one. Kickers are nearly impossible to pick the best performers from prior to the games, but I sure screwed this one up.

So far, though, going over my many teams, only 3 of my nearly 30 teams are currently losing. That could potentially improve to only 2, but can, also, see it increase if a few opponents get inordinately good performances from their 1-2 stragglers.

How'd you do?

Ah...The First Sunday Of NFL 2008

I'm in about 25 (?) fantasy football leagues. They're like crack to me...especially the excitement of drafting (corny as that sounds).

As much as I'm into it, I think I'll post what I project to be the best starting fantasy lineup (using the ESPN traditional roster) for each Sunday. Feel free to post your own thoughts or rosters in the comments section:

QB: Tony Romo
The conventional wisdom says that Brady lights it up this weekend...and that is very possible. But they're playing a terrible Chiefs team that will give them little reason to need to put tons of points on the board. The Cowboys, however, are playing a Browns team with a questionable defense but an electric offense. Pacman Jones is too rusty to be a help in the first game, even if he is pressed into starting due to Terrence Newman's injury. The Browns score enough to keep the Cowboys offense needing to score to keep the lead comfortable.

In fact, I think that Donovan McNabb will, also, outshine Brady this weekend.

RB1: Brian Westbrook
Notice that I mentioned McNabb? He'll be giving Westbrook the ball via hand offs and passes so much of the day that the rest of the offense will be reintroducing themselves during every huddle to make sure he remembers they're out there. And Westbrook can be a beast...especially when going against a terrible defense like St. Louis.

RB2: Marion Barber
There will be enough scoring to go around in Cleveland. I'm thinking the Cowboys put 5 TDs up on the board. As long as Marion factors into 2 of them, it should help put him in this lofty spot.

RB/WR: LaDainian Tomlinson
As much as I think that LT can have a down day this afternoon, with Carolina having a good defense that can key on the run more than normal with Gates not starting, I can't honestly say that any third RB or WR is a safe bet to do better than him. It wouldn't just be bold to pick someone else here: it'd be stupid.

WR1: Terrell Owens
Even I'm tired of having to say how bananas the offensive output might just be in Cleveland.

WR2: Braylon Edwards
I'm, also, tired of saying I'm tired of having to say how bananas the offensive output might be in Cleveland.

Why not Randy Moss? Again, I expect the Patriots to have too little of a challenge to need to score a lot. Now that I think of it, with Brady having not played a preseason down, his timing might, also, be off with Moss for the first game or two. Still, if he does well, he just might come in under Owens and Edwards. Did I mention how bananas the offensive output might be in Cleveland? Because I'd hate to say it again if I already did.

TE: Kellen Winslow
Have to go with him or Witten here, really. But I've said enough about the offense in that game.

What I'd like to mention is a sleeper or two.

TE Runner-Up: Heath Miller
Big Ben has good chemistry with him and, while a respected tight end, might be able to slip under the radar enough with Houston having to cover Ward, Holmes & Parker.

TE Honorable Mention: Randy McMichael
Remember Randy? He was in the top 8 or 10 TEs for a bit when he was with Miami. Left for St. Louis. They have installed an Al Saunders offense; same offense that made Gonzalez and Cooley household names at TE. Bulger has shown some rapport with him on the field. I dumped an injured Ben Watson and sleepers like Zach Miller and Dustin Keller to throw him on a few of my teams. I'll let you know how that turns out.

D/ST: Minnesota Vikings
I'm not sold on Aaron Rodgers. The Vikings had a great rush defense last year and improved their pass rush this year. They are going to focus on stuffing a bad-hammy Ryan Grant and try to rush an inexperienced Rodgers into mistakes. Says right here that it pays off.

I expect the Patriots and Eagles to have really good defensive days, as well. Merriman being one bad step or hit away from being done has me too scared to claim the Chargers are going to do well. I think Carolina is a better challenge than the Packers, Chiefs or Rams, anyway.

K: Josh Scobee
Honestly? Who really cares? Predicting the best kicker for the week has worse odds of being right than you have at hitting Keeno in Las Vegas. There are so many variables involved. The Cowboys can possibly score 7 TDs, but if they kick no field goals, someone will beat Nick Folk. The Jaguars have a conservative offense and a tough defense. The Titans have a questionable offense and a tough defense. That suggests to me that the Jaguars will have good field position much of the day, probably a lead and a "just don't cough up the ball" approach on offense. That often makes for a busy kicker.

Then again, Phil Dawson might have to kick a FG or two in addition to the extra points in that Cleveland/Dallas game...

If you want some projections by actual professionals at the fantasy game, head over to ESPN. But I warn you: they have Michael Turner projected to be a top 5 fantasy scorer this weekend. He's not started a real game for Atlanta, has a rookie for a QB and is facing a potent offense that goes up against Atlanta's porous pass defense. Could they be right? Sure. But they're popping off enough "we want to say something wild and hope we're right so we look amazing" stuff that they might not be all that much better than an average schlub like me.

Oh, FYI: Steve Slaton is one helluva sleeper pick at RB. Not necessarily for this week, but I have him stashed away on many of my teams...including the SCHWAPP!!! league.

UPDATE 1:30pm: OK, so maybe ESPN wasn't crazy to predict 20pts from Michael Turner. First half isn't over and he already has 14 fantasy points.

UPDATE 1:40pm: As soon as I save the first update, Turner scores another TD and goes over 100yds...IN THE FIRST HALF. I bow to Matthew Berry & the ESPN fantasy football staff.

UPDATE 1:57pm: OK, maybe I was a little rash on that Randy Moss call. He still can finish as the third best receiver, possibly, but with 111yds and a TD before the half, it is looking less and less likely.

UPDATE 2:29pm: Just saw some highlights of Michael Turner. He's got that extra gear to throw it into when he gets in the open. Most backs his size get sucked up by safeties like a Hoover vacuum, but he actually put more separation between him and the defender on his long run. Looks like Matt Ryan is good enough already to keep defenses honest.

UPDATE 2:33pm: Not a football thing, but they just showed a ICE ROAD TRUCKERS commercial (I think that's the name). I think it says a lot about the current state of TV programming that a reality show about truckers is airing on THE HISTORY CHANNEL. What's their new tagline? THE HISTORY CHANNEL: HISTORY? THAT'S HISTORY! GO READ A BOOK IF WANT INFO ABOUT ACTUAL HISTORY?

UPDATE 2:52pm: OK, my picks are starting to look questionable. Westbrook is still fairly low at the moment, but figures to get a bunch of handoffs at this point, with the Eagles up 21-0. Scobee? 1 PAT.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Day, I'd Like A Cliff Chiang Sketch

There are other beautiful sketches of his over on his official site.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Updated: Are You Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football??

I've started up a SCHWAPP!!! fantasy football league on ESPN. The draft time will be set after we get all of the teams in. An effort will be made to schedule a live draft at a time all parties can attend online. If that becomes impossible to do, an automated draft will be run.

Ideally, I'm looking for people who can be flexible with their time online so that we have the option of having a live regular or auction draft. Automated lists suck the fun out of drafting.

Update (fixed link): Click on over to ESPN to join the SCHWAPP!!! league.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dear Geoff Johns...


I'm sure you already know this, but I really dig your work. You've had relatively few misfires, by my count. Flash, JSA, 52, Green Lantern, Action Comics, Booster Gold and other titles you've helped shape have often been outstanding. You, also, seem to have a great eye when it comes to choosing who to work with, whether it be writer or artist.

That's why I'm writing to you about today.

No, I'm not coming to you about Sterling Gates. I'm willing to give him the chance to shine on Supergirl.

It's this James Robinson fellow.

Now, I understand he shares a name with an outstanding writer who used to do some great comics, but that's not enough reason to put him on the book. I've heard the rumors that he's actually THAT James Robinson, but I'm not stupid enough to fall for that. I mean...look at this Atlas arc. The dialogue is so stilted...paint by numbers, even. While I'm hopeful that this "military figure" in the shadows is going to be part of something you're all working on together, The way this Jim guy is writing it is turning me off the idea before it can be fully revealed.

I'm not willing to say the plotting is complete crap, but the execution and dialogue sure seem to be. This most recent issue was just terrible. Instead of the writer making you see what HE WANTS YOU TO SEE, you SEE THAT THERE IS SOMETHING HE WANTS YOU TO SEE, if you understand me. It almost reads like a blueprint or an outline, rather than a story. You never once get lost in it.

I was willing to overlook the problems when it was just the police and Atlas involved in the story. But when he throws Superman in the story and he doesn't raise his game enough to make the story sing? Ugh.

So, I was hoping you could let Jimmy down real easy, then place a call to the real James Robinson and ask if he'd like to work with you on the Superman titles.

Kevin Huxford

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Of Fanfic Published As Product...

I often read/hear people complaining that so many of today's super-hero comic books are just fanfic dressed up and published. Normally, I really don't see it at all. Sometimes, I see it...but don't get the problem.

Take OLD MAN LOGAN, for instance. So many of the elements in the story could have come from someone just throwing wild ass ideas out there that don't have to take the time to fill in all the blanks. There's a clunky moment or two where Millar has thugs spouting out Ashley's heritage, again, when that just seems unnecessary.

But overall? Those wild ass ideas are executed very well and accompanied with beautiful artwork to make (so far) a damn enjoyable story.

Maybe someone out there can tell me where the fanfic complaint comes into the super-hero comic book pastime? As far as I can tell, it's just a way of trying to say you don't like a story and dress it up more like a factual observation than one's singular opinion.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How To Be Lazy & Still Post Something

In the unscientific and only sparsely voted on poll, here's how the results broke down regarding which of the Big Two events people are enjoying more:

  • Both about the same: 6%
  • Neither really: 24%
  • Final Crisis: 30%
  • Secret Invasion: 36%

Wow. Almost a quarter of the respondents feel both events are pretty much stinking up the place? I expected far more passionate feelings for one or the other (even if purely being driven by partisanship).

If this were conducted on a bigger site (thus drawing in more voters), I'd truly be shocked by the results. I'd probably be selling a bit of controversy by saying that the top three vote-getters are all within the margin of error from each other.

But it was run here. With a whopping 69 votes. So...it's nothing. ;)

Monday, September 01, 2008


Now, I like Mark Waid. I know, I know...he's cussed me out and all...and I've pointed to several of his flubs. But he's human, thus prone to the occasional mistake or a flare up of his temper.

But he said something (in a Newsarama interview) that makes me think that he must be reading a different BRAND NEW DAY or skipping most of the Dan Slott issues:

They're very careful and very respectful, whether the hardcore fans believe it or not; the team that I've seen on the Spider-Man books is very respectful toward them in terms of not going out of their way to thumb their nose at the readership, or try to make fun of them or mock their concern.
Slott has gone out of his way to put little nose-thumbing bits somewhere in every one of his arcs, thus far. From the opening of BRAND NEW DAY immediately showing Peter kissing someone (which even Quesada said was a way to slap the reader across the face, I believe) to MJ saying "it's magic, you don't have to explain it" to a bit or two already in the current arc.

So that bit, along with him guarding J. Jonah Jameson's relation to his upcoming story as if his life depended on it, yet giving away what happens with Venom in this current arc for no apparent reason, counts as a noticeably large mistake.

Happy Labor Day, Folks

Enjoy. Read some comics while the barbecue is cooking, then go see some mindlessly fun movie in the theaters (I might suggest Death Race, especially if you're still feeling those few beers you drank).