Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mr. Anonymous Spoilers Redacted Pt2

Again, no direct spoilers.

****** is the leader of the Dark Avengers.


  1. This blog entry is useless without pictures ;).


  2. Wow... this is incredibly pointless and stupid.

  3. You're entitled to your opinion. I will say that I've had direct contact from several people that disagree.

    Oh...and I just have to comment on the irony of you taking the time to post on a blog entry that you find incredibly pointless and stupid. ;)

  4. Your definition of irony needs some work.

    The only way we can attempt to get you to change this ridiculous redacting is to tell you how stupid it is. There is nothing ironic about it.

    By the way I agree, this is utterly pointless and makes you look like a dick.

    "Nyah nyah I have spoilers but I won't share" etc.

    If you don't want the spoilers to get out because they may spoil someone's enjoyment of the story (I don't believe for a second that you really feel this way, but still) then DON'T POST ANYTHING.

    You're still spoiling people's enjoyment by revealing this much. If you really wanted to let people encounter the story with no outside information then even posting redacted spoilers is too much.

    Luckily we both know that it's not about peoples enjoyment at all, you're just using the one tiny thing that has made your blog special to attempt to eke out all the hits you can. A better way of getting more hits would be to present all the information you have in an honest and entertaining fashion, unfortunately doing so would require having a personality, so no luck there.

  5. Dan, er, "anonymous" . . . get back to work.

  6. Alright. Make a compelling argument for how these redacted spoilers are still potentially impacting the enjoyment of the story by any readers.

    Let's just say that someone with an opinion that matters more than an anonymous poster seemed to think that posting with asterisks was A-OK.

    See that? I didn't need to redact anything, but you still don't know who it was. And since ANYONE who puts their name behind their statements is more important than an anonymous poster, it could be almost anyone in the world! ;)

  7. Spoiler Alert

    Kevin Huxford is a ******.

  8. I think there might be an extra asterisk in your spoiler. ;)

  9. I think its more they way you are doing the spoilers that is flawed. Since you are not going to give anything out directly.

    You say one of these characters will be and then list like 10 characters. Or give info about the character without telling his name.

  10. Mr. Blaq, you may want to look over this entry and the comments one more time.

    I provided no list of characters. Readers have been posting lists. I have not, because I know how people can get caught up in such an exchange where they more or less reveal the secret.

  11. I think Mr. Blaq was making a suggestion... saying the way he listed would be a better way of doing it.

    Whiting out the spoilers would be a decent way too.

    Hey, I'm happy you are resisting the urge to post the spoilers. It does hurt the enjoyment of the story.

  12. Sorry what I meant to say was you could give out a list of characters.

    It would be better then saying Coming out of SI, **** will still be working with the government.

    Instead you could say that Coming out of SI one of these characters. Fury, Tony, Hill, will still be working with the government.

    Wizard did this with Civil War Spoilers.

  13. Ah. I see. But no.

    You have to understand that, from a position of knowing the answers, I can say that giving a list of names would be problematic.

  14. This particular *spoiler* is only a spoiler if someone thought the dark Avengers wouldn't have aleader.

  15. Knowing the Dark Avengers have a leader and knowing that ****** is that leader are two entirely different things.

  16. Knowing the Dark Avengers have a leader and knowing that ****** is that leader are two entirely different things.

    ---Not unless its specified who ***** is.

  17. Otherwise, I can offer up my own exclusive redacted spoilers..

    So ready or not world, here it is....

    "One of the members on ********'s Dark Avengers team will be ***********."

  18. So then, anonymous, you admit your own argument that redacted spoilers still spoil things is completely invalid...since knowing ****** is the leader of Dark Avengers is the same as knowing the Dark Avengers have a leader as long as I don't specify the name.

    See how that works? You're not trying to have a discussion. You're just trying to stir shit for the hell of it...and you're not good at it. ;)

  19. Actually Kevin (my name is Andrew by the way), I'm not here to stir up anything. I just have a difference of opinion with you - on one specific matter - which is something I hope you can handle.

    I haven't mentioned anything about your other redacted spoilers, because they are just fine.

    This one just isn't up to that standard, and I think if you stepped back and took a deep breath and really looked at it - you'd realize that yourself. And it would be a lot more credible to admit that, than for you to keep insisting there is something of substance to this one when there isn't.

    My position here is that you reach a point where too much has been redacted from a spoiler for it to still have any value. One of your other spoilers suggests an Avenger will switch teams. Thats great - thats a legit spoiler.

    This one isn't - I've outlined why I think so, I've used an example.

    If you want to demonstrate how you are better at this, don't try to make things personal as a way of dodging the central question here. ;)

  20. Logic, Andrew: if my spoiler wasn't about a known quantity, it wouldn't be worth posting. So, that means there is something of value to it...

  21. ok Kevin.

    I do see what you are saying with that.

    But then, all this one comes down to is you saying that you know the identity of the leader of the Dark Avengers.

    Something that can never be proven with the way this redacted spoiler was written.

    It still seems to me the redaction was successful enough to prevent this from becoming a true spoiler.

    Honestly, the actual answer doesn't really matter to me. My hopes are pinned on the post-Bendis Mighty Avengers. Dark Avengers will only be of interest to me if the majority of its members are classic Avengers - and I don't expect that to happen.


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