Monday, September 15, 2008

Mr. Anonymous Spoilers Redacted Pt3

No direct...oh, you know the deal...

Coming out of SI, **** will still be working with the government. He'll be running *****.


  1. Tony (Stark) will still be working for the government. But due to the Skrull virus, his suit will be running (Windows) Vista.

    Thanks, I'll be here all week...

  2. Fury and SWORD, because Fury caught on to the aliens before anyone else.

  3. I will say Hank Pym running SHIELD. Fury will still be underground w/ his Secret Warriors.

  4. I'm guessing Norman Osborn would be running SHIELD.

  5. In the previous comments section you asked for a compelling argument for why posting redacted spoilers could still spoil readers enjoyment of the story.

    What seems obvious to me is that if the number of asterisks is in fact equal to the actual length of the names (and by the fact that you're using different lengths for each one I'm betting they are), then any character whose name is not equal to this length can safely be omitted from any speculation.

    Clearly the new information changes the reader's experience of the story, as for a reader who has seen the redacted spoilers there are now fewer characters who could possibly be (for example) the leader of the Dark Avengers. Specifically the experience is changed for the worse as the hypothetical reader knows thanks to your spoilers that there is no chance that it is going to be Tony Stark. (Or anybody who's name is not 6 letters long).

    What you seem to have missed is that there are two sides to your redacted spoilers, what IS and what IS NOT. While you haven't confirmed what IS with your redacting, you have severely narrowed down what IS NOT. As such you have negatively affected the experience of anyone who would rather have the whole of the Marvel universe be a possible Dark Avenger leader, rather than read through Secret Invasion discounting any hints, foreshadowing or other literary technique not focused on a character with 6 letters in their name.

    Two things, because this is already ungodly long; first, now I've done this will you post your logic behind redacting in the first place, because redacting spoilers from people who actively want to know and are willing to put in the effort to find out is both insulting and infantilising. Second I just wanted to point out that your assertion that any comment by a name is worth more than one from an anonymous source is bull, revealing your name or not doesn't change the logic behind what you have to say.

  6. In reverse order:

    2. When a man doesn't have the courage of conviction to put their name to their words, they're much less valuable. Don't want to share your name with the world? My e-mail is posted on the site (

    1. Why post the redacted spoilers? I have a source with the spoilers who kinda wants SOMETHING done with them. Redacted spares people getting fully spoiled without wanting to be.

    Full on spoilers get printed all over the internet. The people reposting them don't necessarily take care with them. Heck, I accidentally spoiled it for people who were subscribed to the blog via RSS, before realizing the error of my ways.

    I'm insulting and infantilising fans by redacting spoilers? Really? You want to run that by me again with maximum verbosity? Because I don't see how it is an insult or treating them like infants.

    What I find insulting to the fans, personally, is releasing the Dark Reign info early, as Marvel did. Kinda rules out a happy ending, doesn't it?

    But what I'm doing here? You have a choice to read the redacted spoilers and play the guessing game. If you look at them in a moment of weakness, you're not spoiled.

    And as far as the number of asterisks? At least one of the hints has a number that corresponds to a less common version of the character's name. Why? Because I have no intention of underestimating the intelligence of the reader. Doing that could be unintentionally insulting.

  7. anonymous, er, Dan (or is that Brian?), anyway . . . get back to work.


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