Friday, September 12, 2008

Going Over JLA The Deluxe Edition...

Reading the one issue recruitment/Tomorrow Woman story.

Remember the scene where they are burying Metamorpho and Superman is lamenting that the attendance isn't as large as his funeral. The pastor mentions how no one believes the heroes will stay dead anymore.

First of all, this definitely ties into Grant's continuing that thought with Superman praying for a resurrection at J'Onn's funeral.

Second thing to notice? All of the closest statues are heroes that have since been resurrected. We have Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, Ice, Metamorpho & Barry Allen.

The only heroes that aren't resurrected from that bunch? Johnny Quick, Al Pratt, Charles McNider & Rex Mason Tyler (forgot they kinda brought him back). Well, there is one more behind the pastor, but I can't make out who it is supposed to be.

Dead JSA heroes? Hmmm. Wonder what event we might see them turn up in...


  1. Rex Mason IS Metamorpho -- can't be resurrected and not resurrected. That'd make him Shroedinger's Superhero...

  2. Oops...didn't mean to say Rex Mason, meant Rex Tyler. I'll go correct that. ;)


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