Friday, September 19, 2008

The Only Time I've Been Intimidated At A Convention

Was it being introduced personally to enough comic book professionals to make your head spin (back when I was doing a bit of work for the great Matt Brady)?


Was it the fear of embarrassment from seeing Dan Didio somewhere at the con after drunkenly telling him twice at the hotel bar that the internet speculation about his job security was asinine (forgetting, in my inebriated state, that I actually took part in it with at least one blog)?


Did it have anything to do with two implied threats of physical violence from two separate professionals at two separate conventions?

No, sir.

Did it involve being uncomfortable with the possibility of bumping into any industry people that might actively dislike me for the initial wave of Secret Invasion spoilers or other events?


Rosario Dawson. Heroes Con 2007. Pictures and autographs.

Did I get in line? Nope.

Did I want to? Yup.

Why didn't I?


What would I say? I would have been reduced to saying, " suuuuuuuuure are purty!"

It isn't that I don't actually value her work. She's been in a lot of my favorite flicks...and I've forgiven her for being involved in ALEXANDER. But I just wouldn't know how to form a sentence that wasn't just utter gushing.

So I didn't.

And that sucks.

(photo above found at The Beat)


  1. Word dude I know how you feel, I'd probably be the same way with Rosario, I had to have my friend slap me in the back of my head when I met Jewel Staite from firefly, it wasn't in front of her of course but 4th from line I was ready to bolt over the barrier and run to the bathroom like a little girl. I got her autograph and we talked about Hawaii a bit and I didn't die of embarrassment and I bought my friend a couple rounds after the con...good times...violence did something good that day.

  2. What about that photo I sent you? You were there man! ;)

    Big Dog

  3. LOL I forgot all about that. I have to find that sucker!

  4. Dang it...the computer I had it stored on got fried and the thread where it was posted now just has a "this image or video has moved or been deleted" place holder now. :(


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