Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Completed Sketch Protocol

Over on Hughes-Fans, a link to the above image was shared. The question was asked as to whether Adam had colored the sketch or someone else.

Allison Sohn (artist and Adam Hughes' significant other, I believe) expressed that it wasn't done by Adam and the coloring was done without his knowledge. A member of the list (Scott Forbes) revealed that the coloring was done by "Cakes".

I got the sense that it meant that the coloring of the image might have been seen as breaking some unwritten rule or violating some sort of sketch etiquette. That isn't necessarily the case, but I have seen some peculiar issues that artists have had with how their sketches are treated after they're completed and handed over to the fan.

Anyone have a list of sketch etiquette for after the work is completed? Because I'm lost on that. I figure you pay for it, you could color it with crayons and go outside the lines if you're foolish enough to think it is a good idea.

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  1. The protocol is that you ask permission if you want to make your addition public -- regardless of whether or not you paid for the commission.

    It's generally understood that you ask the artist first if he/she is okay with you publicly displaying your inks, colors, etc. over their work. A lot of artists will grant this permission if you ask them on deviantART or other places, and generally they're okay with it.

    The exception, of course, is if this art was "donated" to a professional website with the intention of giving aspiring artists a chance to practice skills (i.e. Glass House Graphics).

    I hope that clears that up. ;)


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