Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dear Geoff Johns...


I'm sure you already know this, but I really dig your work. You've had relatively few misfires, by my count. Flash, JSA, 52, Green Lantern, Action Comics, Booster Gold and other titles you've helped shape have often been outstanding. You, also, seem to have a great eye when it comes to choosing who to work with, whether it be writer or artist.

That's why I'm writing to you about today.

No, I'm not coming to you about Sterling Gates. I'm willing to give him the chance to shine on Supergirl.

It's this James Robinson fellow.

Now, I understand he shares a name with an outstanding writer who used to do some great comics, but that's not enough reason to put him on the book. I've heard the rumors that he's actually THAT James Robinson, but I'm not stupid enough to fall for that. I mean...look at this Atlas arc. The dialogue is so stilted...paint by numbers, even. While I'm hopeful that this "military figure" in the shadows is going to be part of something you're all working on together, The way this Jim guy is writing it is turning me off the idea before it can be fully revealed.

I'm not willing to say the plotting is complete crap, but the execution and dialogue sure seem to be. This most recent issue was just terrible. Instead of the writer making you see what HE WANTS YOU TO SEE, you SEE THAT THERE IS SOMETHING HE WANTS YOU TO SEE, if you understand me. It almost reads like a blueprint or an outline, rather than a story. You never once get lost in it.

I was willing to overlook the problems when it was just the police and Atlas involved in the story. But when he throws Superman in the story and he doesn't raise his game enough to make the story sing? Ugh.

So, I was hoping you could let Jimmy down real easy, then place a call to the real James Robinson and ask if he'd like to work with you on the Superman titles.

Kevin Huxford


  1. Krypto is awesome though. Therefore, complaint denied.


  2. Hey man! I've been quite on the blogging front for a few weeks, new house, new job coming up. It's hectic.

    I just read this one, and I totally agree. I have actually dropped Superman until they remove this guy. I read his first two issues, because I loved Starman, and frankly I buy Superman month in, month out, anyway.

    But his run has just been so painfully bad I stopped reading a book which should be one of DC's strongest. It's a real shame!

    You also have to remember that he was responsible for the travesty that was the LOEG movie!

  3. Wow...I forgot about the LOEG movie. But, in fairness, you can never pin the full responsibility for a movie script on one writer. Rewrites, edits and potential improvisational bits can make it no longer the credited writer's fault.

    But yeah...I'm close to dropping Supes. I want to see how the tied together books work first, though.

  4. Bravo! You've completely summed up my feelings on the current state of the Superman titles. I'm still not sure if I'm going to pick up the New Krypton crossover, mostly because I've so badly disliked Robinson's issues so far.


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