Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FBB Has The F*cking ASB&RTBW Salty Language!

Not going to post even one piece of the art, because you should all be going over there to see it!


  1. Tasy sliced booty c-Tue Sep 09, 07:35:00 PM EDT

    So Miller uses the c-bomb not once, not twice, not even thrice, but by my count 4 times to describe Batgirl, who is, if not mistaken, supposed to be 16 in this, right?

    Brilliant. Miller has managed to out-parody himself.

    So, between this & Secret Invasion out tomorrow, the boards should be a haven of good spirits :)

  2. Just make sure you don't get stuck in some weird lawsuit for selling 'the swears' to a nine year old or something.

  3. Somewhere in the archives, I have a blog I started to write in 2006 about the evils of the pseudo-monopoly that is Diamond. I need to dust that off and finish it someday.

  4. Deleted previous comments by request of author.


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