Monday, September 29, 2008

How NOT To Relate To The Public

Steve Wacker on fan reaction to Guggenheim's Spidey/gay marriage comment:

Not to stop the clutching or pearls and the dizzy spells of strained outrage, but is it possible that anyone out there’s getting a little too worked up? Is it possible that Marc just said something screwy and is still a smart guy? I can vouch for him being both, if it matters.

“The argument isn’t valid!” Ha! No kidding!

Guy says something goofy on internet…Film at 11! (To the younger ones out there, back in the 80s we used to watch those network newscasts that are on during the Seinfeld reruns)

Okay, gotta get back to ruining your childhoods! ALL YOUR POGS ARE BELONG TO US!!!!!

Love, Steve.

You know...I can understand some of the nose-thumbing about fan reaction to One More Day/Brand New Day. But trivializing this issue? Ugh.

For what it's worth, I'm sure that Guggenheim is a screwy and smart guy. But that Wacker response can't help make things better...likely only worse...

Was that ACTUALLY Wacker stepping in just to defend a non-sensical statement? Seriously?

Because nothing’s more pathetic than someone making a stupid statement via the internet… unless it’s people wasting their time griping about it… UNLESS someone else actually goes even further to take those statements seriously and deride the people who make them while at the same time defending the original statement that was so stupid in the first place.

If that’s actually Wacker, then screw him, I’ll drop Amazing Spider-Man, which I was just starting to get into, and excited about, especially the upcoming Dematteis, Waid, and Stern issues. Although I seriously doubt that was actually him.

Oh well...


  1. He probably should have figured that people just might be more sensitive to a comment if you refer to gay issues.

    I think we're leading up to a time where DC and Marvel corporate have training sessions where they learn how to use the internet forums/blogs to interact with fans but not antagonize them, lol.

    I dig it though, the good and the bad. Its fun to have some kind of communication with people who create the art and stories that you enjoy. There are dumb-asses on both sides, but that is half the fun!

  2. I'll clutch my pearls if I want to...dagnabit.


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