Sunday, September 07, 2008


Or "Reflections on Crappy Fantasy Football Predictions"

Let's review my earlier picks for today.

QB: Tony Romo
OK, he wound up being the 5th best performer at the position today. Wait...7th. Peyton finished above him, but I have no idea who adjusted up higher just now. Maybe Phillip Rivers.

Hold tied for 6th. Peyton and Tony have the same ESPN score. Out of the finisher above him, only Brees and possibly McNabb could have honestly been projected to have such games. McNabb, though, had his top 2 WRs out, so that's a hard to guess would add up to being the league leader.

RB1 & RB2: Brian Westbrook & Marion Barber
Westbrook checks in at 5th with Barber tying for 3rd with Reggie Bush. Of course, Bush did his damage as a receiver. I stand by the idea that it'd be crazy to project Michael Turner or Willie Parker, for that matter, to be the top two RBs in the first week. This will play havoc with people's starting rosters next week.

17th...and that was just amongst running backs. I believe he came in 28th amongst all RB/WR options, though. Figure you knock out the top four (because they'd be in your regular RB and WR spots), that still leaves him no better than 24th. Ugh. I put him in more because I really couldn't pick against him than because I thought he'd do well. I'll remember that next time...and just be embarrassed by him dominating that week.

WR1 & WR2: Terrell Owens & Braylon Edwards
Ugh. While Owens came in 4th nicely, the Cleveland offense never got on track. In fact, Edwards finished somewhere lower than 50th amongst WRs. My poo-poo-ing on Moss? He somehow still managed to come in 2nd despite Tom Brady's early/ugly exit. Mind you, he did almost all of that in the first half, with a goodly portion from Brady's arm.

TE: Kellen Winslow
Tied for 5th. I'm kicking myself for switching in McMichael (who still made the top 10) for Anthony Fasano in a few leagues. As a former Golden Domer, I always had an eye on him, heard he was clicking with Pennington and new that there was a shortage of good targets in Miami...but I'd never have expected 14 points.

No one would have predicted the TEs that came in above Winslow. Gates did tie Winslow, however.

D/ST: Vikings
Jury is still out. We'll update this one Monday night.

K: Josh Scobee
If the sucker didn't miss a shorter than 39yd long FG, he might have finished in a respectable spot. But no...he just HAD to miss that one. Kickers are nearly impossible to pick the best performers from prior to the games, but I sure screwed this one up.

So far, though, going over my many teams, only 3 of my nearly 30 teams are currently losing. That could potentially improve to only 2, but can, also, see it increase if a few opponents get inordinately good performances from their 1-2 stragglers.

How'd you do?


  1. Scored big with RBs Frank Gore, Matt Forte and LenDale White. We'll see if their performances hold up as the season goes on, but right now, I'm happy I took 2 top receivers (Burress and Larry Fitz) early instead of reaching for an RB.

  2. Lendale will be spotty, seeing how many touches Chris Johnson took away. Forte might reward your risk, though two games against the Vikings are ones you'd be best sitting him for, I think.

  3. I'm hoping LenDale will get some goal line touches which will offset Chris Johnson's carries. My back ups are a bit spotty (Leon Washington is primarily a return guy and Ray Rice is behind McGahee for now). Sitting Forte against the Vikes might not be an option. :)

  4. Heh. Well, assuming that your third RB is in a flex spot, you could always spot-start a WR there.

    I have Ray Rice stashed away on many of my fantasy benches, but I'm starting to take the chance at releasing him for different sleepers. Too many years, I've held on to that sleeper that would be just great if he gets to start...only to watch others go to the playoffs.


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