Tuesday, September 09, 2008

For Those Waiting For Mr. Anonymous Info...

I had a crisis of conscience about revealing the new spoilers that I had been given. I had decided to hold off on direct spoilers, but it became moot because Mr. Anonymous had asked me to hold off on revealing them until he was ready and fairly certain there was no chance at things getting changed last second.

One of those things came out at the Retailer Summit today.


Our boy had this nugget and at least one more. That other one? I promised someone that I would only go so far as to run it with asterisks if my source gave me the go ahead to run it. But I can't control whether Mr. Anonymous goes to another source to have this info shared directly with the world.

Mr. A is still out there. I know be cause he popped by to link me to the retailer summit report on the 'Rama. So, if you're reading this, I can possibly tease that other spoiler for you, but not outright reveal it to teh interwebz. Which way you go on that, sir, is your choice...and I'll respect that choice whatever it may be. Do feel free to hit me with an IM every now and then to BS, regardless.

Oh...and to any of the Bendis Board posters who read the first batch way back and then ran to bash me over on 606studios.com, do tell Mr. Bendis that I apologize for any frustration that first batch caused him and hope that having held off on Dark Reign all this time demonstrates the sincerity of that apology.

So I've been listening the the Bendis Tapes...sue me.


  1. I don't think he wussed out, I think he's seen the increase in traffic the last spoilers got him and has decided to use the tease of new spoilers to get another bump, without having any new information at all. The first hint that there were new spoilers coming was AGES ago now, but they've been referenced enough that the fishes are still on the hook.

  2. Maybe a tactical wussing out!

    I did forget about that whole thing until mentioned by this post. Hux, quit fishing for website hits!

  3. You're either a pussy or a liar, or possibly even both.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all.

    But after reading Secret Invasion #1 and enjoying it a whole lot less than I know I would have without the spoilers provided by Mr. Anonymous, I started rethinking things a bit.

    If I were writing a comic book and the key twists were being revealed to a large number of my audience, that would kind of hit me hard. Your hard work won't be as appreciated because many of the readers aren't going to experience the work the way you intended and might judge YOU more harshly because they were less impressed due to having spoiled the story for themselves.

    In addition to that, as we've gotten away from the marvel_b0y fiasco, there's less motivation to do something like reveal spoilers...other than for the website hits. Whoever it was at Marvel that did marvel_b0y (and it was someone there), they smartly decided to go dark after the backlash.

    And I think some of you are missing the point. I'm telling you all that there won't be any more explicit spoilers from me on Secret Invasion. At best, you'll get "******** isn't going to survive" or something like that (and, no, that isn't an actual spoiler there).

    I'd think that sort of thing will lead most to have very little interest in coming back. Certainly not the high number of foaming-at-the-mouth fanboy hits that came around back before Secret Invasion #1 hit shelves.

    But you're all entitled to your opinion. Say what you like. Get it off your chest. I'll take the lumps. ;)

  5. Unleash all spoilers! Anything to suck the wind outta Bendis' sails and sales! I'm all for it! I'm nearly embarrassed that one of the most ruinous writers in the comics industry lives here in my hometown of Portland!

    most sincerely,
    Stumptown Meatplow

  6. He's not lying. In fact, the mention that he had spoilers again sent abject fucking panic through the halls.

    Whether Huxford spoils it or not, it's immaterial. Here's a spoiler: The ending of Secret Invasion will probably disapoint 50% of the readers anyway, and the "new teams of Avengers" will be a retread of familiar ground. You can guess that without being on the inside.

  7. Out of the 250,000 copies ordered, and however many are read I doubt that the spoilers effect that many people. Most comic fans aren't on the blogs, really. I think we tend to overestimate the numbers of comic book readers on the internet.

    A good story should hold up if the ending or some reveals are spoiled anyway. They should only have to worry if the ending is crap. I would have never bothered to buy Civil War if I knew Captain America would get tackled by the "working man's heroes" and give up.

    You get to be "I knew that before you did but couldn't tell anyone" guy, lol.

  8. Ha, Andy. I'm not saying that posting the spoilers ruins it for EVERYONE. But it has the chance to ruin it for a good number of the hardcores out there. The ones that gripe the loudest on the 'net and attend the conventions.

    I get ya on the whole merits of a story thing. But a lot of people loved THE SIXTH SENSE as long as they didn't know the twist going in.


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