Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Thoughts On A Shifty Stand

I was thinking more about the Marvel Comics predicament with the release of the STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS hardcover and had something occur to me:

  1. Marvel Comics published a mini based on an already published Stephen King novel.
  2. Random House publishes THE STAND novel.
  3. Random House is keeping Marvel's related graphic novel from being sold through the book store market.
  4. DC Comics has a distribution deal with Random House.
Ya think 4 might have something to do with 3?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ultimate Comics Walk-Up Sales For Feb 18th, 2009

From Lee Newman of Ultimate Comics, the list of top-selling books at one of their locations in North Carolina for what was released on 2/18/09. Pull lists are not included, as this is meant to capture what is being bought off the shelf.

1. Dark Avengers #2
2. Uncanny X-Men #506
3. Robin #183
4. GI Joe Origins #1
5. Mysterious The Unknown #2
6. Justice League of America #30
7. Spider-Man Noir #3
8. Amazing Spider-Man #587
9. Supergirl #38
10. Ultimate Fantastic Four #60

1. So yeah this book is a juggernaut.  Maybe they should have changed the name of Thunderbolts ages ago.
2 & 10. Last issue bump, even if it is meaningless in both cases.
4. Strong word of mouth for the core title translated into a strong debut for the first spin-off.
5. Honest recommendation in action.

2. I imagine that was supposed to be an Ultimate X-Men issue, not Uncanny.
6. Someone please alert me when McDuffie is either off the title or starts writing stories that are of the same quality as the JLU episodes he was involved with. I can't understand how that many people are sticking with the title or picking it up for any reason other than forgetting to take it off their pull list.
7. None of the comic book readers I chat with have really been commenting on this book lately.

Anyone care to chime in?

The Newest Attempt By Hollywood Moguls To Screw The Little Guy

Nikki Finke is reporting on the current contract proposal between the IATSE and the AMPTP and it looks horrible. If this is the sort of contract the IATSE is willing to accept, they should no longer be able to complain when other unions strike, since they'd be agreeing to screw themselves out of far more than they ever wind up losing during another Hollywood union's strike. If the union continues to elect leadership that threatens that a NO vote on this proposal is tantamount to an authorization to strike when the current agreement doesn't even expire until the first of August, then they deserve what they get.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Courtesy of Topless Robot

What's With The Rash Of DC Character Twitters?

Are there really that many fans with that much free time to Twitter cosplay minor DC characters like Alfred Pennyworth and Jimmy Olsen? Are these just people that Marvel successfully ran off from Marvel character Twitter accounts hoping that DC will be as slow to respond to their violations as they were to even adopt a DC Twitter presence to begin with?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tales Of Preference?

I wonder if there will be any behind the scenes griping by online direct market retailers about how heavily David Gabriel, Marvel's Senior VP of Sale & Circulation, pimped (to the exclusion of all others) in his Publisher's Weekly interview regarding the DM exclusive STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS hardcover:

For those folks who don’t have a store near them, they’ll be able to easily locate an online retailer such as and order the book online.
... is our strongest online retailer for collected editions and their reach has grown enormously over the past two years.
... stepped up to become our MVP, and the folks over at Diamond Comics have also issued statements about what a boon for the comics industry applauding all the efforts that have gone into making this a huge success.
I have to emphasize again here that the book will be offered through the direct market, through the Comic Shop Locator where you can find a local comics retailer, through, and other various online retailers.

Is there some kind of business deal (other than level of sales) that is involved with becoming an online MVP that gets such preferential treatment? Is there an opt-in that requires a retailer to give back some of their discount on this title in order to be prominently featured in Marvel's discussion of online retail availability? If I'm a DM retailer that does pretty brisk online business, I know I'd have wanted to be included in that conversation and it would have been worth taking a bit of a financial risk, if necessary. I'm curious as to whether there will be a more complete listing of online retailers made available somewhere on the Marvel website closer to the release date, though.

Of course, I'm, also, dumbfounded as to how can be at the head of the pack when there are direct market retailers that offer better pricing. For instance, I've attached two screen cap images to compare the same product (SHAZAM: Monster Society of Evil Deluxe HC) at and

I guess it boils down to getting the word out. Or maybe one of you readers can relate an experience with that leads you to spend more money to order from them rather than moving to a competitor?

Monday, February 23, 2009

NY Post Chimp/Stimulus Cartoon: Racist/Treasonous Or Tempest In A Teapot?

Personally, the way I see it: MANY people wrote the stimulus bill and this was just a commentary on how absolutely ridiculous the cartoonist thought the final legislation was.

As much as I lean left, I find it embarrassing to watch people twist some of the statements made by the cartoonist. On Countdown With Keith Olbermann, the host said that the artist said the chimp was meant to represent Pelosi, not Obama, and Olbermann mentioned how advocating the shooting of one rather than the other was cold comfort. What the cartoonist actually said was that, if the chimp represented any one person, it would be Pelosi, not Obama...but wasn't meant to represent either.

Terry Dodson: A Peek At The Process

Apologies For My Absence

(or to those who don't like my blogging: you're welcome)

Over the last week, I started a new day job. It's a temporary IT contract, but it still is a welcomed complication to my average day's schedule. That WebSense blocks almost any non-productive website from within the confines of my employer walls has left me unable to drop the occasional new post during the business day.

Things should start returning to normal this week. It's up to the individual reader as to whether that is good or bad news.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Marvel Super Hero Squad Gets Animated

Posted by Brian Michael Bendis on his boards:

Cartoon Network orders 'Squad'
Marvel brings superheroes to channel

HOLLYWOOD -- Marvel Entertainment is packaging some of its most vaunted superheroes for an upcoming Cartoon Network animated series.
The Turner Networks cabler has ordered 26 episodes of the "Marvel Super Hero Squad," in which Captain America, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man will team up to fight crime.

The half-hour is targeted for premiere in late 2009. Voice talent will include Tom Kenny ("SpongeBob SquarePants"), Charlie Adler ("Transformers"), Steve Blum ("Wolverine and the X-Men") and Grey DeLisle ("The Fairly OddParents," "The Replacements").

Alan Fine, Simon Phillips and Eric S. Rollman will exec produce.

Series will fit into a Cartoon Network lineup that already includes TV's top animated draw for boys 6-14, the George Lucas-produced "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

On the superhero front, Cartoon already has Warner Bros.-produced "The Batman" on its schedule.

Funny that this Daniel Frankel says Cartoon Network has THE BATMAN when they have BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. But I'm definitely interested in seeing this show to see all the possible characters they'll include.

Twitter What?

If DC didn't just open this Twitter account, then it's just sad. You create a Twitter account, don't post a single update and waste as many as 602 followers.

Mind you, I am aware they have DC Nation, but how many people possibly signed up for DC Comics and stopped looking for a DC-related Twitter account? Especially since DC Comics isn't even following DC Nation.

I guess, on the positive side, they're finally getting around to adopting a tool that Marvel's been using excellently for over half a year (if not a full year, given Agent M's work).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not That It Wasn't Already Obvious

Recolored SMASH image just to demonstrate how "original" the character is.

Monday, February 09, 2009

NYCC AIM Roundtable

Being as how I had to skip NYCC largely due to a domestic emergency (more on that when I get the pictures uploaded), I decided to hold a bit of a roundtable discussion of the news coming out from the convention amongst some online friends to see what they were thinking.

So...what is the biggest announcement from the convention as far as you're concerned?

[18:38] Steve: i'd have to say the restructuring of the Ultimate line.
[18:38] James: biggest announcement for me? hrm... yeah
[18:38] James: the Ultimate Relaunch
[18:39] Greg (Anderson, of & The Minds of Greg): Me personally didn't care much for announcements going on. Was more excited hearing about the new stuff coming from Radical Comics
[18:39] Schwapp!!!: what in particular about that relaunch makes it so high on your list, Mud & Steve?
[18:39] Schwapp!!!: Any particular project that Radical caught your eye with, Greg?
[18:39] Steve: Ultimate Spider-man is constantly in the top 25 sellers as far as i know. it seemed odd to relaunch a bestselling book
[18:39] Aaron: I'd say, for me, the Batman news. But there wasn't that much that seemed like big news to me.
[18:39] James: ultimate spider-man was the comic that brought me back to comics after the late 90s drove me away (in particular astonishing x-men v2 issue 2 was the end for me)
[18:40] Steve: though i'm happy as long as i get more Millar on Ultimates/Ultimate Avengers (with Pacheco, yay!)
[18:40] James: so now.. the book that brought me back... even with it coming back.. it feels like leaving school.. like when you graduate junior high, becaue yknow your friends are still gonna be with you in high school
[18:40] James: but it will still be different
[18:41] Steve: U. Spidey brought you back to comics?
[18:41] James: yup
[18:41] Steve: that's cool.
[18:41] James: ultimate spider-man 13 to be exact
[18:41] Aaron: brb -- bladder about go nuclear
[18:41] Schwapp!!!: Aaron, what is a particular Batman nugget that caught your attention?
[18:41] Greg: Well, theres FVZA and Rider of a Storm by David Hine, Hotwire by Steve Pugh, their upcoming Aladdin book, Steve Niles' City of Dust, new Hercules, Rick Remender's The Last Days of American Crime, Cholly and Flytrap
[18:42] Steve: i've heard similar stories before. Ultimate Spider-man is one of those books that converts people.
[18:42] Greg: seems Radical Comics are literally gonna be knocking stuff out of the park
[18:42] Greg: great writers and just superb art
[18:42] Schwapp!!!: Ultimate Spider-Man grabbed me at the time, too...not sure it brought me back, but it kept me in the shop.
[18:42] Greg: heck, Hotwire by Steve Pugh was so much darn fun, 30 something pages for only 3 dollars?
[18:42] Steve: Hine is at Radical now? i may have to check that out..
[18:44] Aaron: I found it interesting that they are trying all these diff. books.
[18:44] Aaron: I'm not sure how it's going to work, but they're definitely giving it a shot, to run off the RIP and movie momentum.

What are the top three projects you're looking forward to that were showcased at NYCC?

[18:43] Greg: Damn... hmm
[18:43] Steve: i tend to ignore press releases for companies i'm unfamilar with. perhaps i should pay better attention...
[18:43] James: hrm.. gimmie a sec on this one
[18:44] James: Okay The Marvels Project by Brubaker and Epting
[18:44] Greg: Well, FVZA by Hine, Image United by the original Image dudes, Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost from Radicals
[18:44] James: thats prolly my number one right now
[18:45] Aaron: The Spider-Woman motion comics thing has the POTENTIAL to be huge, like we talked about. But it could also flop like a used tampon.
[18:45] Schwapp!!!: ...
[18:45] Steve: Hickman on F4 with Eaglesham, Millar and Pacheco on Ultimate Comics Avengers, and Morrison doing new Seaguy
[18:45] Schwapp!!!: You have a way with words.
[18:45] Aaron: Why thank you!
[18:46] Steve: What excellent manners you have, Aaron!
[18:47] Aaron: Oh!
[18:48] Aaron: DC FINALLY coming out with something significant on Free Comic Book Day: Blackest Night #0
[18:48] Steve: whoa...blackest night zero?
[18:49] Steve: color me intrigued.
[18:51] James: The Bronx Kill is another book that I'm looking forward to btw
[18:51] James: Peter Milligan and James Romberger

Any strong feelings on iTunes getting the Spider-Woman motion comic 2 weeks before the comic shops get the traditional comic?
Do you see the potential for spoilers as a huge drawback?
Or not worth being concerned about?

[18:46] Greg: Heh, that's what they're doing?
[18:46] Greg: Hmm, undecided
[18:46] Aaron: I don't have strong feelings, no. And I understand why they're doing it that way.
[18:47] Greg: As long as it gets new people to check out some books.
[18:48] Steve: i'm okay with iTunes getting the comic 2 weeks early
[18:48] Steve: though i won't be reading/watching the book anyways.
[18:48] Greg: I'm one to avoid spoilers like the plague if it's a book I'm reading
[18:48] Steve: SUCK ON THAT, BENDIS! ;)
[18:48] Aaron: Hux, it might be more trouble for the people running the boards than for anyone. :)

Would your opinions about the move be different if it were a more high profile property?

[18:49] Greg: I actually never get the mentality of people wanting to be spoiled when it comes to a book they enjoy
[18:49] Aaron: Hmm.
[18:49] Aaron: I would just have to be more careful to avoid stuff, I guess.
[18:49] Aaron: But I AM looking forward to Spider-Woman. So I hope I'm not spoiled on it.
[18:50] Steve: i might respond with unbridled fanboy rage and write a hate-filled post on a message board if it was a higher profile book
[18:50] Steve: but that's about it.
[18:51] James: spoilers do not bother me...
[18:51] James: i mean i sometimes actively seek them out, if i dont then what happens happens
[18:51] Steve: certain spoilers bother me. like the big reveal of a mystery character, unexpected deaths
[18:52] James: my only concerns for this iTunes model - is exclusivity and format
[18:52] James: exclusivity wise i dont want to see a digital version of diamond here
[18:52] Aaron: Good point.
[18:52] James: and format... i have concerns about how much of a COMIC will be kept.. i watched a very interesting digital comic today
[18:53] James:
[18:53] Greg: I really hope comics dont go full on digital.
[18:53] James: that I think would be much better than a step between animation and still life
[18:53] Greg: I know TokyoPop is going to start releasing some of their stuff digitally and I absolutely hate that idea
[18:54] James: I would have those concerns regardless of whether or not it was Amazing Spider-Man 600 or if it was Vigilante #8

Do we think that this move with Spider-Woman is a sign of comics moving closer to regular digital delivery?

[18:56] James: i think its too early to say, but i think it - along with things from tokyopop (like Greg hinted at) is a push towards taking it seriously
[18:56] James: the watchmen motion comics seem like pure novelty let me cash in on this movie
[18:56] Aaron: Well, it's an experiment. Like in that digital comic James linked to.
[18:56] Steve: i do think that is where everyone seems to feel comics should go, but i'll always prefer reading an actual book in my hand with paper.
[18:57] James: and if you look at the digital comic world - i mean torrents and hubs teeming with such a large percentage of the entire comic industry - its a market that is there
[18:57] James: it does fascinate by the way that right now marvel and DC have people finding, scanning and cleaning up digital files for them for free of ultra obscure material digitally
[18:57] Steve: i thought the same about the Watchmen motion comic, James.

Thinking of the Watchmen motion comic, how do you feel about the likelihood of voice overs accompanying motion comics? Is this an added value or a drawback?

[18:58] James: definite drawback
[18:58] James: with a cartoon or a movie having the character have a specific voice is one thing
[18:58] Greg: Wow. Hearing this stuff is news to me.
[18:59] James: but doing it to a comic - it starts getting, in my mind, a conflict of styles
[18:59] James: and i also thing it further fills in that bastardized animation/comic middle ground
[18:59] Aaron: Also, that completely alters the way you interact with the comic.
[18:59] Aaron: IMO
[18:59] James: no, you are right
[18:59] James: now its MORE PASSIVE
[19:00] James: and who the hell is gonna deliver grant morrison written dialogue? :-D
[19:00] Aaron: HAHA!
[19:00] Greg: The thought of not going out to buy comics from a shop, not having it in your hand and having to read on computer screen just irks me
[19:00] Greg: People are getting damn lazy
[19:00] Aaron: Yeah, where's the motion comic complete with voiceover and sound effects of FC? :)
[19:01] Steve: Who's going to deliver Grant Morrison dialogue? The answer is Matt Fraction.
[19:01] Steve: or Gerard Way.
[19:01] Steve: Both are mini-Morrisons.
[19:01] James: no no.. i mean the actors Steve
[19:01] Aaron: Shit there's a 2-page spread in Alias with Luke and Jessica with 51 text balloons.
[19:02] Steve: oh...i should probably go back and read all of the stuff before i comment on things after i've been afk :P
[19:02] James: hehe :-D
[19:02] James: Aaron - must of them are "the hell?" it be like a remix album
[19:02] James: "the hell?" "the hell?" "the hell"?
[19:02] Aaron: LOL

Who in the group has read comic books in CBR or CBZ formats, downloaded via torrent?
Is the difference in experience worth the cost benefit you'd likely get if they were offered legally?

[19:02] James: ill say i have
[19:02] Aaron: I have once. And it was a pain in the ass.
[19:03] Steve: I used to before i officially started buying comics.
[19:03] Steve: Now the only comics I will read digitally are Miracleman and Flex Mentallo, and I plan on buying those if they're ever reprinted.
[19:03] James: most things I DL are out of print older stuff and/or books that i have purchased and do not have access to at that time..
[19:04] James: for instance, when i was up in dallas for 4 months, towards the end i was jonesin

Is the difference in experience worth the cost benefit you'd likely get if they were offered legally?
Obviously, you're not paying for the current CBR/CBZ offerings. If offered from publishers, they'd certainly cost less than the physical product. Would the $ saved compensate for the difference in the experience (electronic vs. in your hands on the toilet)? ;)

[19:04] Aaron: Hux, I seriously doubt it.
[19:04] Greg: I can totally understand people torrenting titles that are long out of print like Miracleman and Bishop: Last X-Man, or Milligan's Enigma. I mean, where else are you going to get them?
[19:05] Greg: Heck, I'm still wondering each passing day when Marvel will finally release Priest's full Black Panther run.
[19:05] Steve: the difference would be worth it
[19:05] Steve: Paper books ALWAYS >>>>>>> digital
[19:05] Greg: And dammit! I wish I thought of that to ask Joe Q that at the con
[19:06] James: so for me, as long as i can still buy a trade of certain material eventually, i would switch like that ::snaps fingers::
[19:07] Steve: I will always prefer the physical product. Even if it costs more.
[19:07] James: if i had legit low cost CBR/CBZ files for issues, but could get trades? done!
[19:07] Aaron: I'd hang onto the paper as long as possible.
[19:07] James: can i add one thing to this whole digital comic thing, Khux?
[19:07] Greg: I do like, though, when certain sites let you read an issue for free as a way to test out the book
[19:07] Schwapp!!!: you all can feel free to add whatever you want to the discussion, so go ahead, James
[19:08] James: i wont name names or places, but i can say without a doubt that some of the most excited, passionate, well-tempered friends ive ever encountered have been in hubs
[19:08] Greg: Like Image Comics. On their site they have a lot of the first issues of their books up and you can just read them and see what's your type of book before jumping in.
[19:08] James: i have seen discussion in there that blows away anything on message boards - especially in terms of respect for each other
[19:08] James: if you could keep THAT aspect with the digital comics, i would be even more happy
[19:08] Schwapp!!!: By hubs, we're talking about torrent sites? or usenet?
[19:09] James: dc++ hubs
[19:09] James: direct connect servers
[19:09] Schwapp!!!: ah, OK

If the companies started to offer more of their comics digitally, would their availability to you earlier in digital format than in physical format influence you to adopt digital sooner?

[19:11] Greg: I don't want to accept digital reading.
[19:11] Greg: As I stated before, maybe an issue to preview a whole series
[19:11] James: for me? not so much :-D
[19:11] Aaron: Take for instance these Batman books coming out ...
[19:12] Greg: but I can't get myself excited at all for that
[19:12] Greg: Actually
[19:12] James: im like the anti-Greg here :-D.. or Greg of earth 2
[19:12] Greg: I'm looking at it wrong
[19:12] Greg: I'm looking at it as digital replacing the solid product entirely
[19:12] Aaron: If they were $0.99 each on iTunes, I would consider getting some of them that I wouldn't buy for $2.50 at my LCS. But it wouldn't be a complete shift.
[19:12] Greg: if they can do both solid paper and digital, by all means
[19:13] Greg: but if digital is to replace the solid product, I'm against it.
[19:13] Aaron: But I'd still buy Blackest Night in actual paper form.
[19:13] Aaron: I'm with Greg.
[19:13] Schwapp!!!: but you still wouldn't personally be in the market for the digital, Greg?
[19:13] Greg: Me? No.
[19:13] Aaron: I'd just have to wait until the trades, honestly.
[19:14] Steve: The availability would of digital comics would not affect me.
[19:14] Steve: I'd also wait for the trades, like Aaron.
[19:14] James: ill say one thing - digital pull lists like podcast subscribing would at least mean you never miss an issue :)

If the publishers offered a model where you purchased trades in advance but received digital delivery of the chapters while waiting for physical delivery of the trade, would that interest you?

[19:14] James: Khux i would sign up for that right now
[19:15] Aaron: Yeah, I could see that.
[19:15] Aaron: I usually buy stuff I already know I'm getting anyways.
[19:15] Greg: Man, watch comic readers really get fat due to them not taking the steps to go to a comic shop to buy the actual books. Everything now is ordering online.
[19:15] Aaron: And that way, I wouldn't have to worry about being spoiled.
[19:15] Aaron: Heh
[19:15] Greg: I'm one to prefer going out and tracking down my stuff.
[19:16] Steve: I'd be okay if I received the digital comics in addition to the paper books.
[19:16] Aaron: If I get the collected edition in the end, I'm ok with it.
[19:16] Schwapp!!!: So, Greg, you'd miss the thrill of the hunt?
[19:16] Greg: Hell to the yeah
[19:16] Aaron: Of course ... that would make dropping a book problematic. :)
[19:16] Steve: I'm with Greg 100% on this one.
[19:16] James: dude there is going out and tracking things, and then getting fucked over because your comic shop forgot to pull something for you and know its sold out diamond - as my previous shop did MULTIPLE times
[19:16] Greg: Only time I ever ordered a comic was Elephantmen and that was because the site was giving about a 40 or 60% discount
[19:17] Steve: The thrill of the hunt through shop after shop and longbox after longbox is part of the draw of collecting comics.
[19:17] Greg: The thing is, when my LCS don't have my books, I got elsewhere to where they do have it.
[19:18] James: and that can be occasionally fun to track down the holy grails.. i did that with certain back issues (first beta ray bill)... but no other industry is okay with bad service sparking an adventure
[19:18] James: if the adventure is personal, it is of course different

With the TPB/digital idea discussed above, would you expect to pay less than full price for the TPB, regular price or have to be additional for the added value of digital delivery?

[19:17] James: between a dollar less to a dollar more
[19:17] Aaron: I'd still expect to pay less.
[19:17] Steve: Well personally I'm not big on the digital thing, so I'd only get it if there was no extra charge beyond the regular trade price.
[19:18] Aaron: Wait. No, that's not true. I'd be willing to pay list.
[19:18] Aaron: Because it's still (usually) cheaper than buying the floppies.

Unless anyone has some thoughts they want to add, I think this is pretty good for the first experiment

[19:19] Aaron: Glad to help. :)
[19:20] Greg: heh, was kool
[19:20] James: all i will add is that if they move forward digitally they need to remember that the content will become more and more important
[19:20] James: i could download a million comics any time i want, and yet i still dont read spider-man :)
[19:20] Aaron: HA!
[19:21] Steve: I'd just like to say hi to all of the ladies out there, and that despite what the doctor says, the rash is NOT contagious.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Only Shocker Toys PR You'll Ever See Here

From two years ago:

Shocker Toys attending San Diego Comic Con 2007 with Metalocalypse exclusives and more!

Shocker Toys will be hitting Comic Con International in San Diego (Booth #4517) in the 4500 aisle, debuting some exciting new lines like Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse and Sci-Fi’s Who Wants to be a superhero

Date Released: 06/19/2007
Press Release Image June 18th, 2007 – Shocker Toys will be hitting Comic Con International in San Diego (Booth #4517) in the 4500 aisle, debuting some exciting new lines like Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse and Sci-Fi’s Who Wants to be a superhero. On hand will be GWAR action figures wave1, Indie Spotlight action figures and our flagship Shockini line of figures with new kit designs for 2007.

New products: • Metalocalypse Vinyl Figures Series 1 • Who Wants to be a Superhero 6” Action Figures & Shockinis • GWAR Action Figures Wave1 • Indie Spotlight Action Figures Series1 & Shockinis • NEW Shockini kits for customization and interchanging

We will also have give-away items EVERY DAY at SDCC as well as raffles to make sure our friends have a great time. This is a chance to get Shocker Toys Exclusives, not available any where else, free of charge. Since exclusives are the stars of SDCC, we are proud to announce our boys of 2007! Stop by the Shocker Toys booth this year and pick up your Metalocalypse Nathan Explosion and William Murderface figures!! Each appears in their “death” stage makeup, limited to 500 pieces of each, for 20 dollars each. ALSO, be sure to attend this special event…

SDCC Panel Friday, July 27 6:30-7:30pm ROOM 4 Shocker Toys: Island of Misfit Toys What plans are in the works for new products? How did Shocker Toys start and what happened along the way? Ask any burning question you've ever had about Shocker Toys and be heard as the owners, sculptors and licensors sit down together. It’s a unique opportunity to find out how a smaller toy company overcomes the pitfalls inherent in doing business in today’s economy. It’s also a great chance to talk to the artists and creators who have come on board to have their projects immortalized in plastic! Company Heads Geoff Becket and Lance Buttiglieri join Who wants to be a Superhero, Metalocalypse and Indie Spotlight comic artists for what is bound to be an informative and entertaining panel, the likes of which could only happen at SDCC. Moderator- Paul Nomad from Action– and Dread Central

For further info, visit To set up an appointment to meet with Shocker Toys representatives while at SDCC, please contact Geoff Beckett at 201-913-7027

About Shocker Toys: New York, Buffalo based Shocker Toys LLP, was founded by Geoff Beckett and Lance Buttiglieri, as new designers in the toy industry, in 2000. The company’s current roster includes Indie Spotlight 6-7” independent comic book action figures, 3” Customizable Shockinis, 3” Indie Spotlight Shockinis, 7” GWAR action figures, Metalocalypse and Who wants to be a Superhero.

What's the over/under on how long it takes Geoff to tell that other site to "remove that shit" so that there's less stuff on the internet to back up allegations that Paul Nomad is a shill for Shocker?

RickRoll Don't Die; It Multiplies

Thursday, February 05, 2009

You Know...Maybe...

But nah...still isn't.

I'd Prefer He'd Have Remained Away Then

Monday, February 02, 2009

UPDATE: Drama posted an old PR with some new photos for a company called Shocker Toys.

What's so dramatic about that? Well...

If you do a bit of searching on the internet for information about Shocker Toys, you'll find all sorts of complaints about them, ranging from failure to ever produce product to FTC violations. From the assertions made by comments in the thread for Shocker Toys, it would seem that is one of the few bothering to pay attention to press releases from the company.

Accusations are flying that Nomad (the screen name of the individual who posted the press release on has worked for Shocker Toys in the past and that this is why he's helping to publicize a company that allegedly has scammed retailers and consumers in the past.

Found this interesting response from Nomad where he seems to contradict himself a bit:

3. Never worked for shocker. Anyone telling you this has NO IDEA what they are talking about. I have worked for McFarlane, have done some consulting for SOTA and half a dozen other companies who shall remain nameless due to NDA's and help out Jerry Macaluso with Pop Culture Shock from time to time.

4. You will find out logo on the back of the first redesigned packaging for Shockinis and that is only because we helped them find 2 artists who did the sticker sheets and the art. You'll notice my name is not on there. Our logo is also on lots of SOTA street fighter figures and the dread central logo made it onto a series of Now Playing. Just a logo..don't read into it. being a middleman for obtaining artists for a company isn't an example of them doing work for Shocker Toys? Their logo being on Shocker Toys product in no way implies a collaboration of some sort? None of this constitutes some form of business relationship or conflict of interests that should need to be disclosed?

UPDATE 1: For a little background:

ShockerToys YouTube ad for "Shockinis"

Shocker's questionable judgment in having Gwar at their panel

UPDATE 2: An interesting AIM Mobile conversation I had with someone that clearly wants me to think they are Geoff Beckett from Shocker Toys. I'm inclined, from the behavior others allege Geoff to display, to believe that this is the real Geoff, but cannot say so for certain.

ShockerToysG: remove that shit!

KHuxford2: How professional. No. And you have no grounds to request removal through legal channels as I'm referring to ALLEGATIONS, not making any myself. Move on.

ShockerToysG: dont worry I do

ShockerToysG: and I have a record of this going with the rest of the libel comments, good luck

KHuxford2: You have little to no understanding of the law. I'm reporting on allegations. You go sue the ones making them.

I can see why Shocker Toys has the reputation it has seemed to earn in many circles.

Where Is Dan Didio?

Last Monday, Rich Johnston posted the following in his column:

Firings from DC noted in various places... but look whose name is currently missing from the online masthead.

An error, an action from a vengeful webeditor on their way out of the door, or the sign of something yet to be confirmed?

Probably one of the first two.

Does a week passing after OBVIOUSLY coming to someone's attention via the column give the third option an increase in probability?

Not Comics: File Under "You Can't Make This Shit Up"

During the climax (snort) of the Super Bowl, the Comcast local feed in Tucson, Arizona, was interrupted by about 30 seconds of a porn channel they carry called Club Jenna. Those 30 seconds featured full frontal male nudity, though there is no clarification of whether that included a different kind of climax.

You just know it had to be a disgruntled employee figuring they'd screw things up real good.