Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tales Of Preference?

I wonder if there will be any behind the scenes griping by online direct market retailers about how heavily David Gabriel, Marvel's Senior VP of Sale & Circulation, pimped TalesOfWonder.com (to the exclusion of all others) in his Publisher's Weekly interview regarding the DM exclusive STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS hardcover:

For those folks who don’t have a store near them, they’ll be able to easily locate an online retailer such as Talesofwonder.com and order the book online.
Talesofwonder.com is our strongest online retailer for collected editions and their reach has grown enormously over the past two years.
TalesofWonder.com stepped up to become our MVP, and the folks over at Diamond Comics have also issued statements about what a boon for the comics industry applauding all the efforts that have gone into making this a huge success.
I have to emphasize again here that the book will be offered through the direct market, through the Comic Shop Locator where you can find a local comics retailer, through TalesofWonder.com, and other various online retailers.

Is there some kind of business deal (other than level of sales) that is involved with becoming an online MVP that gets such preferential treatment? Is there an opt-in that requires a retailer to give back some of their discount on this title in order to be prominently featured in Marvel's discussion of online retail availability? If I'm a DM retailer that does pretty brisk online business, I know I'd have wanted to be included in that conversation and it would have been worth taking a bit of a financial risk, if necessary. I'm curious as to whether there will be a more complete listing of online retailers made available somewhere on the Marvel website closer to the release date, though.

Of course, I'm, also, dumbfounded as to how TalesOfWonder.com can be at the head of the pack when there are direct market retailers that offer better pricing. For instance, I've attached two screen cap images to compare the same product (SHAZAM: Monster Society of Evil Deluxe HC) at TalesOfWonder.com and InStockTrades.com.

I guess it boils down to getting the word out. Or maybe one of you readers can relate an experience with TalesOfWonder.com that leads you to spend more money to order from them rather than moving to a competitor?

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