Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Newest Attempt By Hollywood Moguls To Screw The Little Guy

Nikki Finke is reporting on the current contract proposal between the IATSE and the AMPTP and it looks horrible. If this is the sort of contract the IATSE is willing to accept, they should no longer be able to complain when other unions strike, since they'd be agreeing to screw themselves out of far more than they ever wind up losing during another Hollywood union's strike. If the union continues to elect leadership that threatens that a NO vote on this proposal is tantamount to an authorization to strike when the current agreement doesn't even expire until the first of August, then they deserve what they get.

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  1. It's hard to accept the idea of Union organizations as the little guy. They once offered an invaluable role in helping out the working man. Nowadays they are one of the principle problems in why we pay more for shoddy workmanship. Whether that shoddy workmanship comes in the form of bad entertainment or subpar engineering, Unions are a cancer that have helped lead to many of the problems we are experiencing in this recession. I still believe they are necessary in some cases, but I think some far-reaching Union reform of some kind is needed. Especially in our Automotive and Service industries.


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