Monday, February 02, 2009

Where Is Dan Didio?

Last Monday, Rich Johnston posted the following in his column:

Firings from DC noted in various places... but look whose name is currently missing from the online masthead.

An error, an action from a vengeful webeditor on their way out of the door, or the sign of something yet to be confirmed?

Probably one of the first two.

Does a week passing after OBVIOUSLY coming to someone's attention via the column give the third option an increase in probability?


  1. Considering Karen Berger isn't there either, I'm gonna say no.

  2. Karen Berger's not a company president or VP (or a guy whose name is contractually required to appear on the masthead even though he doesn't run his old line day-to-day). She's the editor of an imprint entirely within the larger DC line -- even if her actual authority within DC =is= wholly independent of (and parallel to) Didio's.

    As such, her name would not be expected to appear on the company masthead.

    Didio's would. And it has. And now it doesn't. Curious.


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