Monday, February 02, 2009

UPDATE: Drama posted an old PR with some new photos for a company called Shocker Toys.

What's so dramatic about that? Well...

If you do a bit of searching on the internet for information about Shocker Toys, you'll find all sorts of complaints about them, ranging from failure to ever produce product to FTC violations. From the assertions made by comments in the thread for Shocker Toys, it would seem that is one of the few bothering to pay attention to press releases from the company.

Accusations are flying that Nomad (the screen name of the individual who posted the press release on has worked for Shocker Toys in the past and that this is why he's helping to publicize a company that allegedly has scammed retailers and consumers in the past.

Found this interesting response from Nomad where he seems to contradict himself a bit:

3. Never worked for shocker. Anyone telling you this has NO IDEA what they are talking about. I have worked for McFarlane, have done some consulting for SOTA and half a dozen other companies who shall remain nameless due to NDA's and help out Jerry Macaluso with Pop Culture Shock from time to time.

4. You will find out logo on the back of the first redesigned packaging for Shockinis and that is only because we helped them find 2 artists who did the sticker sheets and the art. You'll notice my name is not on there. Our logo is also on lots of SOTA street fighter figures and the dread central logo made it onto a series of Now Playing. Just a logo..don't read into it. being a middleman for obtaining artists for a company isn't an example of them doing work for Shocker Toys? Their logo being on Shocker Toys product in no way implies a collaboration of some sort? None of this constitutes some form of business relationship or conflict of interests that should need to be disclosed?

UPDATE 1: For a little background:

ShockerToys YouTube ad for "Shockinis"

Shocker's questionable judgment in having Gwar at their panel

UPDATE 2: An interesting AIM Mobile conversation I had with someone that clearly wants me to think they are Geoff Beckett from Shocker Toys. I'm inclined, from the behavior others allege Geoff to display, to believe that this is the real Geoff, but cannot say so for certain.

ShockerToysG: remove that shit!

KHuxford2: How professional. No. And you have no grounds to request removal through legal channels as I'm referring to ALLEGATIONS, not making any myself. Move on.

ShockerToysG: dont worry I do

ShockerToysG: and I have a record of this going with the rest of the libel comments, good luck

KHuxford2: You have little to no understanding of the law. I'm reporting on allegations. You go sue the ones making them.

I can see why Shocker Toys has the reputation it has seemed to earn in many circles.


  1. wow, good luck with the libel comments as non of this can be proven!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe our anonymous commenter above is ShockerToysG, the AIM handle that sent me some lovely mobile messages that I'll be adding as an update to the article.

  3. Just words on a screen!

  4. Is this behavior really meant to contradict allegations?

  5. Name:DedFive

    Found this on the A-F website announcing the Toxic Avenger which Nomad worked on... allegedly!

    Shocker Toys Takes on Toxic Avenger
    Posted by adrian on Monday, November 01, 2004

    Shocker Toys writes in with this press release and related imagery concerning their first Shockini Movie License: The Toxic Avenger...

    Shocker Toys is excited to show the first prototypes from their newly acquired Toxic Avenger license. Toxie will make his Shockini debut as part of a new sub-collection called MUTANT MANIA! Coming out of a collaborative effort with various film companies, Paul Nomad of and our own staff of monster makers, Mutant Mania will include familiar monsters and original creations. These mini terrors will feature detailed sculpts with cutting edge articulation while continuing in the Shockini format of interactive parts for maximum play.

  6. People really need to learn to defend themselves without making them look even worse...

  7. Just words on a screen!

  8. Wait a second, I apologize. I keep typing "Just words on a screen!" without stopping to consider that we at Shocker suck. Deeply. Again, I apologize.

  9. Hey! WTF! Did you forget about me or something?

    >Dan Slott<

  10. Geoff Beckett's whining has resulted in the CBR LitG thread being closed and soon deleted.
    Here's the final post:


    I'm going to shut down this thread. After repeated calls and e-mails and threats from Geoff about this thread, of which I don't believe any of it is actionable, I have decided to shut this thread down. This does not mean I am supporting Shocker Toys work in any way, just that I don't want to deal with any further calls of the level of which I received yesterday. This would be the second call I've received from him and while the first last year was unprofessional, his call on Tuesday was completely out of bounds. His call has been logged and his actions noted with my attorney.

    Shocker Toys is no longer welcome on the CBR Forums and their accounts will be banned. If any users who are familiar with their account names could get in touch with me via PM, I'll add them to the list.

    In 12 - 24 hours I will soft delete this thread -- that means that while the posts will not be publicly readable, I'll still have access to them should there be that need.

    I do this if only to avoid further interaction with Shocker or its employees. While I will not go into details, the call yesterday was the last straw and once again I will reiterate that there is no belief on my or my lawyer's part that any legal action can take place as a result of this thread.
    -- Jonah Weiland
    Executive Producer, CBR
    - CBR - Blog -"

    I am very disappointed. Any way that we can save it?


  11. Now, has scrubbed the comments section of the PR that is the topic of this entry.

    These are some sleazy people.
    What are they all so afraid of, except the truth?

  12. I don't think it will matter much. Many in the comic book circles are forewarned of ST sludge, the toy crowd has known about the awful manners of G-off and Co. Diamond has knocked them out and I don't believe that G-off has the funds to finance this line of toys. In the end, credibility is shot and the Chipmunk is deep in his own territory, fourth and long, chum. Time to punt!

  13. Dude, I'm pretty sure that Nomad is ON the panel in that second YouTube video. The video quality is crappy, but I seem to remember him being there. Could be wrong. But really, my interactions with Paul? Total assbag.

  14. The Dan Slott thing was pretty funny :)

  15. .
    Never heard of Shocker before yesterday, but I have seen their type of actions before. Specifically, in the demented rantings and ravings of a dipwad whose name sounds much like Trick Old Knee. Always threatening to sue, always coming up with newer, more extravagant stories that alter previous history.


    The CBR thread is probably gone by now, but such things can be saved as .pdf files, although I don't know exactly how. Beside that, the thread had well over a thousand posts, so it might be very time consuming to copy the entire thing.

  16. Sucker Toys threatened me legally and then made veiled physical threats against me. Geoff has military skillz, so watch it!

    Anyway, I have been working behind the scenes in my down time to alert people to Geoff's illegal and/or unethical activities. I told the FTC all about them in a formal complaint. There is some other stuff as well...but I don't think that trap has sprung yet so I'll wait.

    See I'm not an idiot like Geoff. I don't run around pounding my flabby chest and acting like an angry chihuahua. I do research and make real attacks that are legal and won't blow up in my face. But that's partly because I have the advantage of not being a conman.

  17. Jen Malicher's Used TamponFri Feb 06, 05:01:00 PM EST

    Shocker Toy's rules! I do hope that Kevin will pick up the thread that CBR started. Was a nice diversion to check in on a regular basis and I would love to see what happens next...without really having to do any looking around...cuz i be so lazy!

  18. I'll gladly cover it. If anyone who was contributing new facts to the CBR thread would like to pass along what they stumble upon in the future, my e-mail is always open. They'll be credited (unless they prefer not to be) with anything I run. Also, I have no intention of closing off comments to any of my blog entries, so people can feel free to contribute new points.

  19. If ST doesn't show product, real product mind you at Toy Fair, there is no way he will have anything for the end of March as he is promising.
    The awful pictures littering his booth a NYCC were a joke. Swap Meet shops do a better job of making their crap look pretty.


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