Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rest In Peace, Mr. Newman

Paul Leonard Newman 1925-2008


  1. Gosh, I'm depressed. We used to talk to him at Limerock, Ct. all the time. He was an even better race car driver than he was an actor, if that's possible.

    And blue eyes to die for.

  2. Very sad news. Newman was a fantastic actor and a legend in the business. And in some bizarre twist of fate 'The Color Of Money' happens to be on the TV tomorrow night, I must make time to watch it.

  3. This may seem silly, but I think I admire him for the NEWMAN'S OWN line even more than his acting.

    With the way that brand was set up to contribute to charities, it was such a simple-yet-brilliant action. Just by placing his name on a line of products, more or less, he wound up helping so many people.

  4. Also didn't gil kane model hal jordan on newman's likeness?


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