Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh Dear God No!

Someone tell me this is a joke?

At first glance, I just thought he was returning to the art chores on Batman, working with Judd Winick.

But no: Tony Daniel, the man who made Battle For The Cowl read as even more unnecessary than I had expected, is going to be WRITING & DRAWING BATMAN starting in October.

Winick just got on the book. His previous Batman run was one of the few works from him in recent years that I can't remember anything I didn't like about it. But we're losing him to get Tony Daniel handling the writing and drawing on a book that is meant to be monthly?



  1. Did you choose that pic on purpose? Cause it, expertly represents the whole siuation.

  2. You actually liked Jason Todd coming back from the dead? Philistine!

  3. I didn't so much like how they brought him back, but I did enjoy Under The Hood and other stories around that time. They "explanation that will make so much sense" in the annual sucked.

  4. Oh, and Chris? Yes and no. The kid in me kinda digs whacked out versions of characters like Two-Face donning that Batman costume (especially after what Harvey was doing during OYL). But the long time reader in me knows execution is key...and I don't exactly trust Daniel to make this into something I'll enjoy.

  5. Sounds better than Morrisson's bondage Wonder Woman story..or does it?


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