Saturday, October 03, 2009

It's Good To Be The King

So, Dan Didio approved Dan Didio's pitch to handle a Bat-Family book (of sorts) in The Outsiders.

I approach this book with more trepidation than I would if it was a total unknown being handed the reins. Is it because I have that low of an opinion of Didio's writing? No. Well, I did find his Metal Men strip to mimic all the worst qualities of old school comics, but that may have been a function of him writing it as a Sunday-style strip.

No, the trepidation has nothing to do with how good of a writer he may be, but whether he's getting the gig because he has an interesting take that any other writer would have had an approved pitch from or if it is just that, you know, he's the boss of the people who judge the pitch.

Oh wait...I guess that does boil back down to how good of a writer he may be, to some extent. I guess you can say it is a concern on whether he is truly the right guy for the job or he could have transcribed the phone book, submitted it as a pitch and still got the gig.

Over on the above linked The Source blog post, I said in the comments that it is obviously Geo-Force and Steel, but on further inspection, I believe I'm wrong on that (unless I missed when he started rocking the utility belt).

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  1. It would be nice if Outsiders was not about the editorial shake-ups on Outsiders. DC seems unwilling to consider the possibility that this might be causing considerable damage to the likelihood anyone would pick up the comic.

    I really actually like Tomasi, but I couldn't get behind this title with even him on the book because I assumed it would change hands quickly. And... sure enough.

    And nothing against the guy, but I don't know if the words "I'm really excited about the new 'Outsiders' now that Didio is on the book" will ever be uttered by a single, living soul.


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