Monday, November 09, 2009

Quantcast Physics

I got the following from someone claiming to be Mr. Anonymous. It was a different address than normal, but what I fact-checked of the list seems to check I'm running it anyway, in light of all the hub-bub that started recently around TCJ's tweaking of their web-strategy. Mr. A, if this isn't your stuff, my apologies...but it's worth displaying, regardless.

I compiled these on Quantcast. Post them if you want.

CBR 303,000 US
Newsarama 269,000 US

However, Newsarama led the month before; trending, they switch places about every other month.

At 183,000 US, Ain’t It Cool is still almost 100,000 US BELOW Newsarama in total readers; they don’t have a comics subdomain.

Now, the other "big name" sites and subdomains: 86,000 US (benefiting from being part of AOL)
Blog@Newsarama 76,000 US (113,000 world) 49,000 U.S.
Robot 47,000 US (71,200 world. Yes, Blog@ has a higher U.S. than Robot 6's world.) 46,300 US
Comixology 37,600 US
The Beat 37,600 US
ComicsBulletin 33,600 US
Comicmix 29,100 US 26,400 US
Major Spoilers 19,000 US 18,700 US
ComicsContinuum 17,000 US
ComicsReporter 11,800 US
ComicRelated 11,600 US (Pulse) 11,400 US
Broken Frontier 10,600 US
Comics Worth Reading 9,900 US
Bleeding Cool 8,800 US 6,000 US 4,000 US 3,600 US
TCJ 3,400 US (Journalista doesn't chart as a subdomain)
Factual Opinion 2,700 US

Mr. A


  1. What does this mean? Monthly? Daily?

  2. I looked it up; those are monthly numbers.

  3. What month is this from?

  4. If you go there now, these are the numbers. So they're probably from October.

  5. Sad seeing CBR and Newsarama in the top 2 there. Actually I kind of question these stats, since it seems Newsarama's forums looks pretty much dead on the whole. Lots of forum people apparently jumping ship to The Outhouse which isn't any better with its Marvel/DC oversaturated coverage.

    And CBR seems to be turning into a Marvel ass kissing ground with Joe Fridays like -rama was a couple of years ago before Quesada took his Friday asskissing column to Myspace comics.

  6. The forums being dead is what led to Newsarama falling to neck-and-neck status with CBR. Prior to the redesign and jettisoning of the previous message board format, Newsarama was consistently in the lead, rather than jostling for the top spot on a regular basis. So the stats you're seeing here reflect that loss in traffic.

    As long as we're questioning things, I have to question your inclusion of The Outhouse in the discussion. Pretty sure the stats for that site would put them clearly in the bottom half of the list (if they even placed), making them an odd mention when discussing the front-runner sites.


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