Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wow...CBR Mods Are Scary

I waded into the thread CBR had in its forums for their article about the Blackest Night #6 leak after I posted my blog that questioned whether the author of the article inadvertently revealed that he regularly reads scanned comic books downloaded via torrent.

The whole thread was nuked when, at last check, there was only a discussion about the following:

  • how it was questionable that they banned the member who originally posted some of the leaked images from BN #6
  • accusations that DC purposely leaked or put BN #6 in position to be linked to reap the coverage it would get
  • general discussion of the potential sales benefits of illegal downloads (not my position)
  • the future of street-dating for comic books
  • my question regarding whether the writer reads illegal downloads regularly.

To clarify: they nuked all user-contributed posts to the thread and then closed it. As of right now, there is still proof that a thread existed, albeit one that was closed days after creation without a single post.

Nothing posted today seems to be cached. But pages one, two (including where a member indicates the "lower quality" comment was off the mark), three, four and five are largely cached. Won't last for long, but it is proof that they destroyed a whole thread on a controversial topic generated by their own article.

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