Monday, March 22, 2010

March Meta-Human Madness?

Just thought I'd pass along this bit.

Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show is doing a super-hero bracket this year. Last year, they did cereal and they were amazed by how many people they got listening to the show/podcast and participating in it. So this year, they decided to go with super-heroes.

I'm a sucker for dumb stuff like this, so I voted in it.

Superheroes - Krypton (which he keeps pronouncing as "cryp-tin") Region:

1. Superman
8. Thor

4. Green Lantern
5. Aquaman

3. Wolverine
6. Spawn

2. Spider-Man
7. Flash

Superheroes - Gotham Region:

1. Batman
8. Robin

4. The Hulk
5. Silver Surfer

3. Wonder Woman
6. Daredevil

2. Captain America
7. Iron Man

Supervillains - Metropolis Region:

1. Lex Luthor
8. Punisher

4. Red Skull
5. Catwoman

3. The Riddler
6. Sabretooth

2. Dr. Octopus
7. Bizarro

Supervillains - Marvel Region

1. The Joker
8. General Zod

4. The Penguin
5. Venom

3. Green Goblin
6. Two-Face

2. Dr. Doom
7. Brainiac

Go give it a vote and feel free to discuss it here.

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