Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remember Mr. Anonymous?

Don't get too excited: this isn't new, but a callback.

Remember when Mr. Anonymous was putting out the warning...no, rallying cry...to keep Loeb from being handed the cosmic characters, as Marvel thought he could increase their sales, despite the critical acclaim DNA were getting on them?

A few people used that and the odd Secret Invasion change to try to say he was full of it. Sure, this is far later than when he was warning us, but that's part due to feedback and part because, well, this is Jeph Loeb. Aren't there some projects previously announced as coming from him years ago that we still have yet to see completed?


  1. Kevin,

    For what it's worth, a prominent and generally trustworthy poster on the Something Awful forums claims that he invented that rumor in the spring of 2010 to bait Rich Johnston. Any reason why I shouldn't believe him?


    (And even if the rumor were true a year and a half ago, I don't see how it could still be; Loeb's TV job at Marvel almost certainly keeps him too busy to do more than the occasional miniseries/one-shot, let alone to handle an entire subgroup of titles.)

  2. I'd have to look back and see when Rich reported it. To my recollection, he never did. Rich reported Nova, which is coming to fruition in some way. The cosmic rumor came directly from Mr. A and there is little-to-no-chance your guy got that rumor planted in front of him to pass along. All of my contact with Mr. A came through a single method that your boy couldn't have faked or intercepted. And I laugh at someone at SA being considered a trustworthy and reliable source.

  3. Also, I'm not saying he's taking all of the properties over, but that he's recycling what he had begun to put together. As for being too busy, he's working on a major project that requires a lot of coordination now, while the cosmic stuff is often fairly contained (ie not touching another writer's toys). We don't know what Loeb's schedule entails, but it already leaves time for the Cable project.

  4. It made my day to see so many new posts from you, but this one sent shivers down my spine. Marvel's cosmic titles are the only things I'm still reading from them these days, besides Thunderbolts, but Loeb is a series killer for me. Looks like I might be saving some money pretty soon.

  5. Glad I could please you with the updates, Ken...sorry to freak you out with the info, though. ;)


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