Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Experiment Of Sorts

American History X
Pulp Fiction
The cover to FLASH #9

All things with images of male rape.

C'mon, look at it...

Held down on the left...

Held down on the right...

Held at knife point and held down from behind...

Then there's the full cover with the titling...

Which all combines for:

I'd be interested how many folks can't "unsee" that perspective on the cover now.

Look, I'm sure it wasn't intentional or desired...and it takes some finagling to see it this way. But the elements are there and I thought it'd be funny to share.

Until next time, when we go over the cover where Dreamgirl lures Brainaic 5 into being tentacle raped...


  1. It's hard to look at the cover any other way... before you broke it down like that it still looked pretty suss... now it just looks like some of those Gorilla's in the back might be urging Grodd on (or telling Flash to squeal like a Baboon).

  2. They're urging Grodd to hurry up. They're hoping they'll get a shot before it turns into necrophilia.

    Shame on One Million Moms for not realizing THIS is what they should have been protesting. ;)

  3. on the flash: cannibalism
    on the brainiac 5:rape

    note:i don't see that flash cover as rape because the knife implies "im going to eat you."


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