Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Damn Dirty Shame

When I got a note from Jude Terror at The Outhouse that he linked to some of my republished blogs yesterday, I found out that folks were deleting archives of what occurred during the time that Sims was one-way-feuding with D'Orazio.

What the fuck, people?

The clear implication is that more folks than Sims did the trimming. I can understand if he did it, for reasons good and bad. But the rest of the folks out there?

  1. An accurate record of history is a good thing, regardless of whether it helps or hurts a person's cause.
  2. This is the internet, people: NOTHING IS EVER COMPLETELY GONE FROM IT. You've made it more difficult to find it. But it can be found. So all you accomplish is being guilty of trying to hide the truth. 
  3. If the posts made Sims look uglier, D'Orazio potentially suffers for the removal from all the folks that doubt the validity of her claims and cast aspersions on her. If the posts make D'Orazio's claims look exaggerated, Sims potentially suffers for the removal from all the folks that imagine much harsher offenses. 

It feels, to me, like actions taken to help some corporate entities get the whole thing to blow over sooner. And, if that is the case, I hope someone makes good use of to find those posts and let the historical record stand.

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