Thursday, October 21, 2010

Booze & Banter W/ Palmiotti, Connor, Johnson, Bradstreet & Jane

Years ago, I bid on the Quesada lunch at NYCC (also for Hero Initiative) just for the splash it would have made. It was not very long after Mr. Anonymous gave me spoilers for Secret Invasion due to being incensed by the "marvel_b0y" viral campaign. I wasn't so much excited about the opportunity to talk with Mr. Quesada as I was interested in it generating some additional attention for the site while donating to an excellent cause.

You know what I'd gladly bid on for the sheer enjoyment of the meeting?

Join funnyman and writer Jimmy Palmiotti along with Amanda Connor, Tom Jane, Tim Bradstreet, and the Rev. Dave Johnson for conversation and cocktails at Long Beach’s Gladstone’s Restaurant, near The Long Beach Convention Center, Friday, October 29, 5 -7pm to help raise money for Hero Initiative.

Amanda Connor of Power Girl and Supergirl, actor Tom Jane of The Punisher, Boogie Nights, Thin Red Line and HBO’s current dark comedy Hung, Eisner Award-nominated illustrator Tim Bradstreet, and one of the finest cover designers ever, The Reverend Dave Johnson, will join Jimmy Palmiotti in one room talking about what drives them in this industry…and what drives them crazy in the industry. Who knows where the conversation will go? This is a private party YOU do not want to miss.

This thing here? If I could make it to Cali and had the slightest amount of scratch to put together, I'd be intent on winning that for the experience. Just Jimmy & Amanda would seem to be a damned interesting hang. Adding the others? An intimidatingly interesting hang (intimidating in as much as there'd be an overload of "interesting"). 

It's kinda odd that they refer to Jimmy as a "funnyman". He's got quite a sense of humor, but I'm used to seeing the term only attached to stand-up comics and the like. Maybe Mr. Palmiotti has been hitting open mic nights at Florida comedy clubs? ;)

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  1. come to think of it Thomas Jane might make a good Rick Flag. i thought you might be interested to know Kevin that there is a Suicide Squad blog site now up and running.


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