Monday, December 08, 2008

Jay Leno Weekdays @ 10pm?

According to the NY Times, Jay Leno will be seen at 10pm Eastern & Pacific every weeknight starting in 2009.


This basically means 5 less TV shows (scripted or "reality) a season. This means less slots for shows like LIFE, JOURNEY MAN and MY OWN WORST ENEMY to via for. I doubt that it means less derivative product (it won't automatically shrink the Law & Order franchise, for instance).

Less original product and less jobs.

Verily, this doth suck.


  1. This is going to save NBC a ton of money, so it's definitely a win for them. Also, even if the ratings are so-so, it beats what most of their shows are doing now.

    Then again, I'm in the minority that actually loves Jay Leno and his show.

  2. omg this must be the result of the evil but brilliant machinations of Darth Tyler Perry.

  3. Spider, I think you're not in the minority with Leno, as he gets the best ratings, I believe.

    But now we'll have:

    10pm Jay Leno
    11:30pm Conan O'Brien
    12:30am Jimmy Fallon
    1:30am Carson Daly?

    And a dearth of original, episodic television programming.

    Wondering if we'll see Leno whupped by the 10pm slots at ABC or CBS.

    And, Anonymous (if that is your REAL name), the NAACP threw Emperor Perry down the center of the death star about two weeks ago, saving the WGA. Couldn't be him. ;)


    There are always TWO!!!

  5. You know what would make me happy? The Daily Show extended to one hour. He's really the only one worth watching, IMO.

    It cracks me up that sites like MSNBC were calling it a surprise announcement when DHD mentioned it last week. Funny stuff.


  6. Yeah, Rich. I, too, found it hilarious when MSNBC had feign ignorance to the development. I was watching Olbermann when they put up the banner for breaking news that the NY Times was reporting it. ;)


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