Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Least Exclusive Ever Called Exclusive

Over on the CBR front page:

Now, let's check the time-stamp in the story:

11:07 AM PST

That's 2:07 PM EST.

Now, let's check the time-stamp in the Willingham interview over on Newsarama:

1:21 PM EST

That's 10:21 AM PST.

So, not only was it NOT an exclusive interview, but it was posted as being exclusive after an interview with Willingham was already published on a competitor's site.


  1. Hilarious. CBR does that shit all the time. That's not even the only one today.

  2. This sir is the reason I enjoy your blog so much.

    I would never have even noticed that. I know CBR has a bad habit of being a bit over-zealous with their Quesada-like pronouncements, but it happens so frequently I almost forget how funny it actually is.


  3. Well, I think it is perfectly possible that the CBR interview was conducted at a different time than the Newsarama story. That would make it exclusive. And it is also pretty difficult to say who got the story first, but Newsarama certainly posted it first.

  4. That just shows how sloppy they are at throwing around "exclusive". You generally shouldn't be calling an interview an exclusive just because you don't know that anyone else has interviewed or will interview the subject.

  5. Depends on how they're using the word exclusive. Is it possible they asked unique questions? I mean if it wasn't a press release / fake interview, then I can almost see how they could use the word, although then the questions would be exclusive and not the interview itself, but I could see someone being sloppy about something like that. It's not like articles on either Newsarama or CBR are known for always being grammatically correct (and yes, I know that is probably hypocritical considering how much stuff of my own I post that isn't completely grammatically correct, but at the same time it isn't my job where it's expected and I'm not getting paid to do it).


  7. One thing's for sure; Newsarama totally pantsed CBR on the whole Geoff Johns leaving JSA thing. CBR copied the the ComicBloc message, but Newsarama had a full interview up in hours and a look at his JSA run on Blog@ just as quick. CBR has Rich Johnston, and that's about it.


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