Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Want To See A Spoilery Cover?

Secret Invasion #8 isn't out in American stores until tomorrow, I believe, due to the holiday. But there's already a scan of the wrap-around cover for New Avengers #50 that is displayed in the last issue of SI.

Since Blogger can't do breaks, I'll just link to the Photobucket account it was found under. You click, you've spoiled yourself, not I.


  1. Can't spoil it for me, I have no idea what is going on in that series. Is the main series worth picking up in a trade?

  2. Andy,
    Short answer, no. Longer, better written answer: here ( and here (


  3. In talk about the NA team you said that "There's at least one other notable member that, IMO, would change the mechanics of the team entirely."

    Were you talking about Ms. Marvel or Spider-woman? One last thing Is Mockingbird really going to join the NA like Jim McCann said she would?


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