Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why Is Dwayne McDuffie Still Writing JLA?

Don't get me wrong. I like McDuffie and appreciate a great deal of his work. I'd quite possibly really dig the JLA he WANTS to write, rather than what he's been allowed or required to write.

But why is he still on the book?

Sales have been going down. He's publicly indicated he is not enjoying his time on the book.

Yet many of his public statements still indicate that he is constantly staying plotted ahead on the book by as much as 2 years.

Now, I've stayed at a place of employment that made me miserable for 2 years. It happens. But if you asked me at the start of those two years what I planned to be doing there over the next 2 years, you'd have probably witnessed me laughing loudly in your face.

Here you have a talented writer who has been successful on other comic book projects and in other forms of entertainment. You, also, have a company with no shortage of known or unknown writers that they could make miserable until they get to the next relaunch or major creative team announcement (like the rumored Geoff Johns/Jim Lee run coming up in the next year or two).

I ask, again, at the risk of major redundancey: WHY IS DWAYNE MCDUFFIE STILL WRITING JLA?


  1. I had high hopes for McDuffie's JLA, given how excellent his work on JLU was. It's really disheartening to read how much his run has been screwd over by DC's editorial mandates.

  2. I would guess lots of begging and promises :)

    A book I wanted to like, but couldn't no matter how many times I tried.

  3. I agree. I had to drop the series. It became painfully bad. I suspect an imminent reboot.

  4. Agreed! I felt really bad dropping it because I knew there was something hiding there that wanted to be awesome. But it had this over arching feel of being watered down.


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