Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Complaints About Comic Book Adaptations

Seeing some of the reaction to the Whiplash/Rourke pic elsewhere (not you, LangerLord), it has become clear to me that I'm more forgiving of a few changes made here and there than a large chunk of the comic book fan population. And that chunk? Clearly has lost touch with reality.
They can't understand why Hollywood can't leave things the way they were in the comic book. Why amalgamate villain A and villain B into one character? Couldn't they just spend more time making villain A a compelling character on their own rather than mushing it with villain B? Why couldn't they keep the costume?
Why combine two characters? Because it's quicker and easier, usually, in the cases where it's done. Movies don't always have enough time to completely build up a character the same way they were in the books. If merging two characters makes for a more appealing product for the masses, they're going to do it.
Little shortcuts like that have been used for decades with prose novels. Somehow, a majority of readers have been able to come to terms with it in that area.
Is it really a crime against comics if Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo are mixed together in this movie? Are you kidding me? In Spike Lee's X, at least three REAL PEOPLE were amalgamated into one character in the film. REAL LIFE, PEOPLE! Fictional characters deserve better? Give me a break.
As for costumes...have you really tried to picture what some of those costumes would actually look like on film? None of Whiplash's costumes would be a good thing to see on the big screen.
With everything else Favreau and company have gotten right with Iron Man (read: all the more important elements), you'd think the fanboy sharks wouldn't be circling in the water like this...

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