Thursday, June 18, 2009

Robinson/Bagley On JLA

The Source blog announced that James Robinson and Mark Bagley will be working on Justice League of America starting in August. While not my dream team, I can definitely see some great advantages in their pairing on the book.

Robinson is basically immersed in all the big events going on at DC through his collaborations with Geoff Johns on the Superman books and Blackest Night: Superman, not to mention always having the potential to put together something great.

Bagley is fast and still manages to turn out some of the better artwork out there. I wonder what his work would be like if allowed more time to breathe and grow, but I'll definitely take it as is.

It isn't a pairing that made my jaw drop the second I heard about it. But it is a pairing that my excitement for is growing as it sinks in.


  1. How many books is Robinson writing at the moment?

  2. Langer, he isn't on that many ongoings. The Blackest Night: Superman is a short mini. World of Krypton is a maxi that he's working on with Rucka. JL: Cry For Justice is a mini.

    The only ongoings I know of that he will be handling are JLA and Superman.

  3. Still a shitload of writing. Glad he's improved drastically since that Atlas arc


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