Friday, June 12, 2009

Football Friday

Just a few quick statements and links to stories I'm following during the NFL's neverending season of rumors and news.
Regardless of how the team plays this year, I'm confident that the Jets picked the right head coach from the options they had. I'll take Rex Ryan over some guy trying to do a Bill Belicheck impersonation without nearly the same resume.
Brett Favre lied to the Jets about retiring for good. No, I don't mean he changed his mind. I mean he was already working with the Vikings to become their new quarterback while he was still officially on the Jets roster. Tampering charges should be filed and might lead to the Jets getting a pick from the Vikings.
Michael Vick...sigh...the only player who has seen their off-season coverage rival and sometimes dwarf Favre's. Looks like he has so few potential suitors in the NFL that he might need to go play in the UFL for a season before making it back to the bigs.
ESPN has the player ratings for Madden 10. This link is for the top-rated by position, but searching the site can get you your whole favorite team's stats. I still lament the NFL lettin EA have an exclusive. The ESPN 2K NFL was a superior game.
There are so many other little things going on that I'm, also, following. As you can tell, I pretty much just go to the ESPN NFL Nation blogs for my updates. They have someone covering every division in the NFL daily, even during the off-season.

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  1. yeah and ESPN 2K5 was $25.00 new when it came out! Stupid Madden.


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