Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Brass Ones

Let's see...

You just lost your artist to a competing publisher. The writer was overworked and chose this book to drop. You move a writing duo on to the book that has mostly been writing Vertigo stuff and one of the group had their previous super-hero book cancelled for low sales.

Then, before you can get any real sales feedback from the consumers (via retailers adjusting their orders over a few months), you create a spin-off title with the least heralded of the two writers (he of the cancelled super-hero book).

It takes HUGE BALLS to try to bleed the fans left on that book by trusting that enough of them will stick around on the original and buy the new title. I didn't know they allowed wheelbarrows in DC editorial.


  1. Yeah, I have to agree with you. I have a complete run of JSA and Justice Society of America since the 90's re-launch. I'm not enamored with the direction the title is taking and the split into two books seems like a cash grab to me.

  2. Yeah, I'm *curious* about the new books, but was on the fence before they added the second book. That prompted me to drop it -- if I read good reviews, I might get a trade, but so far I haven't seen much that'd persuade me.

  3. Ahem, Fables might be a Vertigo book, but it's much more successfull today. It even became a franchise, so why shouldn't DC give the writers a shot at JSA, especially since Jones had already lost most of his drive since the restart.
    I'll certainly try each book and only if they are not good, I might drop one or two of them, but not before I give them a chance.
    Both the JSA and the creative teams deserve that.

  4. I agree. Don't like splitting the team at all. Just smells too much Avenger-ish of what they did with New and Mighty recently. And both books still suck. What next Dark JSA? I don't think it'll come to that though. They seem to closing the gap with Marvel's market share after seeing the August numbers. But Blackest Night is going up against no real major event from Marvel other than Dark X-Men Utopia. Which of course stunk to no one's surprise.


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