Friday, September 04, 2009

Damn Predictive Text

Sorry, Rob, I didn't catch that it defaulted to "Ron". My bad.

So I had the lung fluid drained. Oh, they tell you the lydocaine sting is the worst part, but that's not true. No, the thing they use to drain you that you can feel run against your rib cage is. "You're going to feel a bit of pressure." You fucking think?

They sell you on how it is going to make a miraculous difference.

That's before you get down to the ultrasound and they read you the laundry list of things that could go wrong and a downplaying of how big the difference will be.

I'm really starting to sour on how healthcare professionals inform us patients.

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  1. Yeah, it's just like any other sales pitch -- once you sign on, the fine print comes out.

    And no prob on the Ron/Rob thing -- my EZtext feature has done far worse...

    Good luck with the lungs! Did it work? Did it make a difference?

  2. It's funny that less than a month ago you were talking about how you could never repay these people for saving your life, but now they're "incompetent." Stay classy, Huxford.

  3. Rob: Lung thing eventually made a difference...when they went in via surgery to scoop out the liquid that was gelling and put in another chest tube.

    Zod: Funny. You can realize that the earlier statement was a month ago, but not that it was about a completely different group of people treating me when I was must closer to dying than this incident?

    Nobody in that incident failed to check my chart clearly, leading to a day's delay in treatment (leading my breathing to get worse than it need have been) and probably keep me on the hook to pay for one whole more day than I need have been here.

    This group? I've had a nurse lie about what pain relief medicine I had gotten for my fever and chills. I've had a nurse skip my pain relief and fever reduction, leading my fever to spike to 102 degrees and make me lose about 4 hours of sleep. Same nurse was then 1hr15mins late with my antibiotics, pain/fever reducer and narcotic pain reliever...then snapped at me when I dared hit the nurse call button.

    If I were still in the same area that you saw my glowing praise come from, you wouldn't see this frustration.

    But you don't care about the facts. You just want to be an ass and, worse than that, to a bed-ridden guy you don't really know who isn't sure when he'll get to go home again.

    Yeah...stay classy.

  4. "I'm really starting to sour on how healthcare professionals inform us patients."

    My comment was based on your own generalizations about healthcare professionals. Of course I realized you were being treated by a different group of people. I'm an asshole, not an idiot.

  5. You're trying to say that a general comment about the way healthcare professionals in hospitals inform patients contradicts a very specific statement about how amazing the healthcare professionals that helped me through my appendectomy were.

    Go ahead...try to shift your position again so you can pretend you make sense and have a cogent point.


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