Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Guess Where Schwapp STILL Is?

Hospital? Yup!

1 liver abcess draining, 1 leg blood clot, fluid found on the lungs, 5 CT scans, 2 ultra sounds, 10 x rays, 8 specialists, 5 IVs and over 60 needle punctures.

Oh, and they keep trying to give me welbutrin despite my having told them from the start that I'll resume it at home. From what I can tell, they'd charge me over $6 per pill, which is two times as much as the pharmacy rapes me for on the monthly refill.

I just want to go home healthy and not see this place again for a good long time. I had tried to make payment arrangements for the first bill, but this second is going to make that useless.

Thanks for all the well wishes and, Lucas, as soon as I can not feel like white trash for spending $60 on a game when I'm having all these bills, I'll take that challenge. Might not take as long as you'd suspect since I have little shame. I'm sure there are plenty who can vouch for that! ;)
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  1. Ugh. Good luck, man. Is there a way you can take the pills you already own without the hospital charging you?


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