Friday, January 22, 2010

The Much Ballyhooed Blackest Night Trade-In Siege Variant Cover

Some of the reaction to this cover is enough to make me sympathize with Marvel. It's been referred to as sexist and racist, when it is clearly parody and one that really fits the character that it uses.

It still seems entirely too unrelated to the event comic it is slapped on, though. Seems more like a variant cover made for Deadpool comics that they decided would be better used as part of a publicity stunt. But, then again, maybe it is a misunderstanding that this is the cover to that Siege issue.

(cover found via ifanboy)

1 comment:

  1. I don't actually follow Deadpool, but if this is accurate to character, is the character sexist and racist? Or is it sort of more of an Ali G thing?

    Not trying to be a square, but I sincerely don't know. For someone who has been feeling turned off by Marvel's "dumb guy in the back of the class" antics since Jemas, the whole fiasco culminating in this cover... just icing on the cake.


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