Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, Now That The NFL Is Finished...

Hi. I'm Kevin H. and I'm a NY Jets fan.

(waits for the AA type response from the crowd)

I've been a NY Jets fan for as long as I can remember. It is a problem that tends to dominate so much of my day, until I have a moment of clarity (or the off-season hits).

The NY Jets were finally eliminated by the Indianapolis Colts, temporarily relieving or reducing my addiction to NFL product. Sure, the withdrawal symptoms will be rough in the coming weeks and months, probably leading to a relapse on Super Bowl Sunday and NFL Draft Weekend, but I'm going to enjoy the peace this brings me, one day at a time.

But, before I completely turn away, the a little Super Bowl ad promotion caught my eye. I got an e-mail about the CRASH THE SUPER BOWL commercial contest that Doritos is running. Apparently, since I occasionally cover sports here at SCHWAPP!!!, I made it on to the distribution list for asking bloggers to give some time and attention to it.

Now, I don't generally like to get involved in free advertising too much. But they went so far as to follow-up on the original e-mail to see if I might be interested in talking about this. That led me to take a look...and the fan-made commercials (competing for $5m prize) are pretty funny.

Below, I've attached a montage. I still haven't decided which I think is funniest, but I'll probably share a few of them (if not all six) on the blog during the course of the week. You can see all of them now, if you're impatient, by going to the CRASH THE SUPER BOWL site.

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