Friday, October 14, 2011

Green Lantern At Less Than 1/3 Cover Price

You'll find it for just that price (pops up automatically for me, but some may need the discount code of GREEN to be put in on the final checkout page).

I've been beating this drum for awhile, but the online deal site,, has had several DC relaunch titles for postal subscriptions at less than one-third the cover price.

Snail mail subscriptions are always cheaper, but never before have they regularly beaten even the discount that retailers get in buying the book through Diamond.

If you couple this with the returnability commitment that DC keeps expanding out for additional months, it might seem to indicate that the publishing strategy on the physical side is to increase circulation so that ad buys will be more attractive and/or increase the pool of potential digital subscribers.

Six or so DC titles offered up at a dangerously low price (not quite a loss, necessarily, given DC cutting out retail and distribution, but having to pay lower class mail rates) upping the circulation and putting them in direct contact with the customer in a way that retailers won't be as alerted to as Marvel's "free digital copy for every comic" idea seems like it is good for the reader and possibly the publisher, but not anyone in between.


  1. Marvel does a lot of great discounts on their subs too. Right now you can get 12 issues of some of the $4 titles for around $2.

  2. I'm guessing you're saying $2/issue, not $2/year? Still a great deal, but at a 50% discount, that's about what you get at online retailers like DCBS and MailOrder, to the point where you might choose timeliness and good condition over "it gets there when it does and how it fits in your box". But still a great deal. Have any links? :)

  3. Just check out the subscription section on the Marvel site. And At DCBS the discounts vary sometimes so it's kind of hard to lock in to always having 50% off a subbed title. Guess its almost a six of one and half dozen of another situation. I myself use as my service.


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