Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm No Good At Voting With My Wallet

So the Wolverine movie comes out this week.

1. Leaked copies have been SAVAGED by fans.
2. From what watchers of the leaked copies have indicated, they've turned one fan favorite character into a walking, talking (?) cluster fuck.
3. Rumors of multiple endings (ala CLUE) are somewhat worrisome when used as an indicator of quality.
4. Swine flu epidemic doesn't exactly encourage one to attend a packed showing of a blockbuster movie.

What will I be doing at 12am Thursday night/Friday morning?

Watching X-Men: Origins: Wolverine.

So, you know, they'll think I'm voting for them to do something exactly like this again. Sorta like X-Men 3 & Spider-Man 3.

Ugh. My addiction to seeing summer popcorn flicks

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