Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Sad

It's one thing when someone cracks open a Free Comic Book Day offering before the embargo is over and starts talking spoilers.

But having it scanned and up on torrent sites?

Just terrible. It is stuff like this that confirms that someone who would seem to have their livelihood revolve around people PAYING for their comics is involved in their online piracy.

So sad.


  1. IDK. I mean, my comic guy gave me all of the FCBD stuff that I wanted as soon as he got it in. I am positive I am not alone in getting them early and thats how one of these scanners got a hold of it.

  2. Giving out the books before FCBD is in violation of a legal agreement that retailers enter into regarding those books.

    FCBD are the only books that basically are "street-dated" for sale. That retailers are giving them out (and, apparently, to online piracy advocates) is just another example of why we'll never see "street-dating" put into wider use.

  3. As opposed to other creative industries, where things DON'T leak to the Internet in advance of the street date?

  4. Having downloaded Blackest Night off of rapidshare, I have to say that I'm psyched for it. Looks like some great stories coming our way with Barry and Hal.


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