Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just So You Know...

I'm glad a lot of you are continuing to hit the site since the latest Mr. Anonymous bit of news. I do plan on trying to get back to regular blogging. The last few days have reignited things for me.

But Mr. Anonymous developments aren't a daily thing. They're not a weekly thing. They're not a monthly thing.

When he has something, he comes to me. That almost stopped because I kinda indicated that I wanted to layoff a bit. I didn't really feel passionate enough about things to stir shit up by spoiling the launch line-up of the Secret Avengers. In order to avoid Mr. Anonymous tips going to waste, I did try to pass it along to someone who might have felt more of a desire to spoil things, but they ultimately had some concern about the resulting blowback because it could effect access necessary for some of what they cover.

If there were another Secret Invasion situation without a horrible viral marketing campaign called marvel_b0y to expose, I might still try to pass on directly sharing the info. I'd like to avoid a situation where fans might unjustly judge the work of a creator because they know what is lurking around every corner, like what happened with Secret Invasion #1.

But stuff that just effects whether you're all buzzing about who might be in a teased project that doesn't give away plot points? Stuff that has to do with potential creative team or direction changes that, also, don't really spoil what is on the written page and, in some cases, might give fans a chance to express their displeasure before it is too late?

That stuff will generally get directly transcribed from my IM window or received text messages into a blog as soon as it comes in from Mr. A.

And just to make this perfectly clear: even though my contact information has been readily available to them (e-mail is listed on the front page and other contact info is available to them through third parties), I have never received a direct request from Marvel Comics to cease and desist. During the Secret Invasion reveals, I even directly stated that I would honor any official communication received that asked me to pull down the info and refrain from further postings of such details. Nothing ever came.


  1. its all good. you have a unique voice and it is usually interesting to see what you have to say, spoilers or no.

  2. Hey Kevin, do you have any ideas who the blacked out members of the new X Force are?

  3. Mario: Thanks. I really appreciate the compliment.

    Mike: No idea yet. Don't expect that I'll hear from Mr. Anonymous on it. Don't see where there's motivation to get that info out quick enough to be interesting. If it comes along, I'll probably pass it.

  4. not too sure, but can it be Angel, Nightcrawler, Psylocke & Fantomex?

  5. i doubt it Mario


    I believe nightcrawlers a gonner next issue

  6. I thought you were posting more often?

    You haven;t posted in a week

  7. Little less than that, actually. I know it appears this is just another "crying wolf", where I say it will be more frequent and I disappear, but I've been in NJ to visit & take care of my mom since Saturday evening.

    If I had gotten my hands on a scoop to share, I would have jumped in. But generating an opinion on comic book developments worth posting? Not really cracking my list of priorities so far this week. I'll rectify that this in the next 24 hours after I read a few books from yesterday's releases.


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