Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Know...

When you are the company that is publishing the projects, there are some statements you shouldn't make...like:

"So, wait — we get an ongoing ACTION COMICS series from Cornell, Woods and Finch and a top-secret Guggenheim series? Sold."
Fans get to say that. News sites get to say that. Sites that suckle at your teat as to maintain unfettered access for interviews, previews and early heads up on announcements get to say that. You who are already publishing the projects and that any enthusiasm from is better called "marketing"? You don't get to say stuff like that without sounding stupid or pathetic.

Ironically...Cornell, Woods & Finch on Action Comics? Sold.

No slight to Guggenheim. I'm just not sold on something that is still "top-secret".

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