Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Won't Get That They Mean The NFL Team

I'm pretty sure that an NFL linebacker won't be the first kind of bear many seeing that ad will think of.

Given the occasional message left in the comments of my YouTube videos, I can verify that it has long been true that both bears and bear lovers read comics.

I doubt that many will decide to pick up a ticket because they've been convinced by this ad that the con will be great for bear cruising. They probably already figured that without the ad.

I have to say, though, that having an NFL player is the biggest stretch I've seen in a long time for having a featured guest that doesn't suit the event. Which is disappointing. More than being located in the city instead of the suburbs, I thought this whole "the convention you deserve" cry meant one that focused more on the proper genres and media. At least he's apparently just there on Sunday and his for-pay autographs are for charity

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