Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'd Love To Be A Fly On A DC Comics Wall

So, Timothy Callahan tweeted last night that folks wouldn't want to miss his Joe Casey interview today.

Boy, was he right!

Casey apparently feels he got fucked over royally by DC Comics on the last issue of his Superman/Batman arc. About half of the issue was done by a "co-writer". A new pencil artist (not the one solicited or named on the cover) was used and four inkers needed. In case you're new to things, cases of that many inkers are normally evidence of a rush job. Looks to me like the pencil artist change might have been after Ardian Syaf had started on it or, once they realized the cluster fuck that the re-write would lead to, they wanted to immediately move Syaf to a more promising project.

Casey doesn't call out exactly who the problem at DC Comics was. Assistant Editor Rex Ogle? Editor Eddie Berganza? Someone higher than that?

I've seen some messes come out of Berganza's office and read about some complaints, but nothing on this level. So I'm extremely curious what the full story is behind this.

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