Monday, May 03, 2010

Tony F-ing Harris: My New F-ing Hero

I've always been a fan of work Tony Harris does. Haven't had any contact with him at conventions or anything of the sort. Might have read one interview with him on a site or in a magazine.

But tonight he vaulted to the top of my list of favorite creators on the strength of one word repeated many times: UNION.

we NEEd a fucking Union. I am sick of skirting this topic at cons in bars. we will FOREVER be treated like the Mentally Challenged, red
headed, step child who lives in the basement and is fed by sliding a plate of food under the door part of the entertainment Industry until
we step up and demand better pay, benefits, and all around professional behavior out of the same people
who demand it out of us. guess what John Q. Publisher? I aint turing in any more FUCKING pages until you pay me what you owe me.
But I don't think we will have a Union in my lifetime. Unions =fallout. Fallout of creators. nobody wants to be a Martry.
That was about 5 years ago. Nothing has changed. Comic creators are still Castrated bitches. I think we like big Dicks in our Butts.
Fame in the Comics Industry is so limited. you can be the biggest name in the Biz, and you walk out your front door, no-one knows you.
.....and they don't care. So don't let your "Fame" go to your head captain-suck-myself. Did I mention we need a FUCKING UNION?!?!!?
thay way we could get together at Union Meetings and vote out " people who think their shit don't stink".

This means I'm even more of a lock to buy The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull from Harris and B. Clay Moore.

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