Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Know, I Half Expected Them To ARMAGEDDON 2001 It

Mr. Anonymous had it right way back when I reported his spoilers about who the Red Hulk was. After they dragged it out and even had a scene or two meant to throw you off from thinking it was him, they actually stuck to it. That, in itself, is a bit shocking.


  1. Hey Kevin how do you feel about the whole Rogue/Sentry debacle?

  2. Actually, I'm far less entrenched in Marvel continuity than DC. If I'm going to have a fanboy explosion over something, it is less likely to be there.

    THAT SAID...even I have had a problem with the way they first pretended Sentry was a leftover Stan Lee creation and then tried to thread him through Marvel continuity. For them to take such a key bit about Rogue and exploit it to make the Sentry's death mean more is pretty ridiculous.


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